Libs misfire with retiree attack ad

The Liberals have been caught red-handed using one of their own spin doctors in an attack ad on Labor’s policy to end cash refunds for franking credits.

The ad stars ‘Jim’ who poses as an ordinary voter worried about Labor’s plan. But The Age reports that the man in the advertisement is Jim Bonner, a devoted servant of the Liberal Party for over 40 years.

Mr Bonner's history with the Liberal Party stretches back to his stint as a press secretary for prime minister Malcolm Fraser in the early 1980s. He went on to hold senior positions with the ABC before returning to Liberal ranks, eventually becoming South Australia state director of the party from 1998 to 2001.

His other roles have included press secretary for South Australian premier Dean Brown and federal defence minister Ian McLachlan in the 1990s, media liaison for multiple federal Coalition election campaigns and, recently, as a staffer for Liberal cabinet minister Simon Birmingham.

The Liberals are continuing to be hurt by their attacks on Labor’s policy after it was recently revealed that a lobby group posing as a grassroots organisation campaigning against the policy was actually a network of professional lobbyists involved with the Liberal Party.

Liberal MP Tim Wilson has also faced criticism for holding tax-payer funded inquiries into the policy that do not follow parliamentary rules.

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Well, this is appalling. To think that a political party would stoop to try and dupe the voters. It's unheard of. All of the past elections have been contested on fair advertising, no lies, no dirty tricks and all good mates together. Come on people, wake up. Voters have been duped, lied to, bribed and coerced since democracy was invented by the Greeks. This is just another example.

Where is the problem in retirees having a life and opinions after the paid working years have finished?

This bloke worked for years, apparently as a good upstanding law-abiding member of society (otherwise he would be castigated for that as well) and he represents exactly what he is talking about.  There is nothing factually wrong with what he says in his respect I take it.  He is authentic.

Big deal and so what that he laboured for some political party.  He was well known it seems so he isn't hiding anything.  Other parties and lobbyists pay actors. 

I'm more interested in what he is now, a retiree who is maybe a grandfather, a gardener, a reader and volunteer etc.  He has as much right as anyone to express his opinion.

Some here may remember the bitter fights we had back in the Sixties when employers and and particularly the government as an employer penalised and sacked people for expressing an opinion outside work hours - in their private capacity that didn't reflect on their job - but was not acceptable to the political tinge of the employer or government of the day.  Public servants had to get their wife to sign an innocuous letter to the editor for them and they could still be carpeted on Monday.  Newspapers and the media generally were as notorious as the government for acting as though a man's private life wasn't his own private affair.

Those who smear this bloke are trying to turn the clock back to the censorship of the post WW2 period.

They should be ashamed of themselves.  The 'Progressive' left imposters wouldn't know the meaning of Left.  The Left never fought for freedom of speech exclusively for themselves. That would be censorship.  it was their belief and goal for everyone.


It’s not about any of the above ...


Where is the deception?  The bloke is retired, isn't he entitled to a personal opinion? 

- Back to the censorship of the Fifties, huh?

Good reply LJ , he is only stating something that is unheard of in politics today - the truth , all the leaners could take a lesson from him.

Mick , get back under your bridge (thats where all you trolls actually live) and take Knows-a-little with you .

Agree Jim, make divdends tax deductable for companies and let the recipient deal with the tax obligations.

Before all you knows-a-littles start jumping up and down , dividends are paid out of profits after tax is paid on the profits . No profit ,no tax . no franking credits and surprise no jobs .

Seriously,  who cares

OK, hands up those who think it would have been a better option to get a Labor guy to do the ad?

Sure, of course it would have.

Would a Labor guy be a better actor? Well, yes quite likely.

Could they find a Labor guy to do the ad? Seriously? Is the Pope Catholic?? 

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