Liberal Policies - pledges and in writing so core

All of the media and those who were hurting to see how badly this Labor government had let them down after they had voted them in - asked for policies from the Opposition.

Here are 12 pledges from the Liberals. Can be checked on their web site too but here from newspaper.

[quote]Abbott presents 12-stage program of pledges

* Brendan Nicholson
* From: The Australian
* June 26, 2010 12:00AM

TONY Abbott has produced a 12-point policy framework for a Coalition government.

The document promises to be tough on asylum-seekers, to save the environment, get the budget back in the black and pay federal bills on time.

Clearly conscious of the kerfuffle caused by his advice to voters that they should only really believe his promises when they were formally scripted, the Opposition Leader has produced an elegant document headed "Our Action Contract" containing 12 "realistic, modest and prudent" election commitments.

"This document contains my contract for real action for Australia," Mr Abbott says in its forward. The document says the opposition will campaign on a key question to Labor: "What do you really stand for, and what can you actually deliver?"

Mr Abbott promises to restore the budget surplus in three years, end waste and restore cabinet government, as well as rejecting the resource super-profits tax and ensuring the government pays its bills to small business on time.

As well as enforcing strict border security, an Abbott government would set immigration at what fits with the economy and the environment and better manage the Murray-Darling Basin.

Mr Abbott promises to set up local hospital boards staffed by health experts, provide six months' parental leave on full pay, install more security cameras to reduce crime, pay the best teachers more and restore working for the dole. Mr Abbott says, in writing, that he "will not bring back Work Choices".

As well as tackling climate change by reducing carbon emissions without "a great big new tax", Mr Abbott says he will set up a 15,000-strong permanent army dedicated to protecting the environment and adjusting to climate change.

In a speech to the Liberal Party's national council in Canberra tomorrow, Mr Abbott will explain to the faithful what an Abbott government would look like. He will also launch a strong attack on the government, emphasising the role of new Prime Minister Julia Gillard in botched Rudd government plans, especially the Building the Education Revolution program.

Mr Abbott's manifesto says the Liberal Party stands for lower taxes, budget surpluses and spending money wisely.

"We stand for securing borders and sending illegal immigrants back," it says.

"The Coalition will maintain rigorous offshore processing of those arriving illegally by boat, reintroduce temporary protection visas (to deprive people-smugglers of a product to sell) and be ready, where possible, to turn boats back."

Population growth would be linked to the provision of better infrastructure.

The document says the Coalition is the only major political group with a clear policy to address climate change. "Our emissions reduction fund will purchase abatements to improve the environment and reduce emissions by 5 per cent by 2020."

The Coalition would also provide holistic management of the whole Murray-Darling water system so that water could be distributed fairly and equitably.[/quote]


And do remember this is written by a journalist so not exactly the same as on the Liberal Web site.



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