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I wasn't born until 1942 and spent the War at my Grandmothers Mount Trion in Devon. Which is now a older persons home 



If I didnt know better, I would think Thea is obsessed with you Brocky

Better run - she may be after a 3rd hubby :)

Even had a face lift over the weekend for you

Not into older Jewish women Raf .

Holy Macron !

Thanks Christ or Cats and I would have to excummunicate you . The keepers of the seal at Illumant... HQ are relieved to hear that 

The fall of the Ottoman Empire at the end of World War I, followed by the arrival of the British, brought with it benefits for the Jewish community of Palestine and its kibbutzim.

The Ottoman authorities had made immigration to Palestine difficult and restricted land purchases. Rising antisemitism forced many Jews to flee Eastern Europe. To escape the pogroms, tens of thousands of Russian Jews immigrated to Palestine in the early 1920s, in a wave of immigration that was called the Third


I can't see why there are pictures of bombing on a holiday topic but born post just post war we were used to bomb sites still in the centre of Southampton and it would have been the same in all other major Ports until about 1960, we went on a school holiday in 1958 through, Holland Belgium to Germany down to Italy. One of the things that struck us even in our early teens was that Germany was re-built, new buildings no bomb sites. The Allies may have won the war but in the long financial terms they lost the battle. The Germans were much friendlier to us than the French though. 

Brest, a French Port was flattened the ugliest block upon block street after street made me decide if there hadn't been relatives there I would never visit again, but there again fantastic villages to stay in Brittany and Normandy. 

Paris is one of my favourite holiday destinations, I prefer it to London, except for some of the Parisians a great place to visit. Wish while living in Europe I had got to visit the Northern European countries but I prefer the warmth. 

Interesting post Viv. When we went to Paris (years ago) we were treated very rudely until we cottoned onto the fact they thought we were English. We started telling everyone we were Australian and their attitude and behaviour towards us changed completely. There appears to be much historical angst between the English and the French.

It was very noticeable Robi if I spoke first in French with an English accent I was shrugged at but if my husband spoke and obviously French different attitude altogether. Like you we have Australian friends with a young baby who were ignored until they said Australian then all smiles. I presume with the EU it changed. Outside of Paris there was never a problem. 

No problem with the cousins in law both bankers who spoke English and had worked in  London they always spoke in English rather than hear me mangling French and one wife I spoke in English she replied in French and had good conversations like that. As long as I made them English Trifle they were all happy with me. 

How come the title "Let's chat holidays" has turned into "painful EXPERIENCES"?

Hopefully some of us have had a few holidays that weren't painful.

Have to address that to Ann as only the originator can change the title ..

Ann (Attila) any clues re title change ? Was asking Ann but didn't make it clear ... my prob.


I don't think Attila needs to explain her actions to you?

Wow - how rude

Any more people left on this chat that you havent attacked ?

I was really enjoying Ann's "Let's chat holidays". Hope she returns with some other great holiday experiences and ideas.

DIVA,,    oo perfectly plain question was being asked,     why answer like that?    you know the old saying,    ;if you cant be nice,   SAY NOTHING'   

That goes for you too catsahoy. Be good or I shall inform mustafffa

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