Leon's weekly 'rap' – 24 December 2021

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It's the last Rap of the year! I've had so much fun writing this 'column' and I hope you have enjoyed it, too. I'd be interested in your feedback: what you like, what you don't, what was the best 'tidbit' you got from this column this year.

Thanks for coming along for the ride this year. It's been challenging for most of you and I'm glad we've been able to share a bit of us with you to (hopefully) help you through.

With that being said, stay safe, enjoy the sun and, in the meantime, this week's rap ...

The best show I watched this week (and this year)
Still watching Elementary, which I am very much enjoying. As far as my pick of the year: I would have to say The Queen's Gambit followed by Fleabag. Both feature amazing lead actors and stories about women getting on in two very different worlds. If I had to pick one, it would be The Queen's Gambit, but I really did love Fleabag, which was very funny at times.

The book I'm reading right now (and the best book I read this year)
I'm currently reading The Big Bounce by Elmore Leonard, who is in my top five favourite authors. The best book I read this year was easily The True History of the Kelly Gang by Peter Carey. If you haven't read that, find a copy and indulge. I started reading it on a week-long winter retreat in a mud brick cabin in the hills near the Yarra Valley. Perfect setting, and sometimes I think that influences how a book is received. Still, this tome is a masterwork, and once I started reading it I looked forward every night to getting back to it.

Most interesting thing I read on Wikipedia
Purple – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Purple

Yep, there's much more to purple than meets the eye. I researched this after finding out it is the only colour not used on any national flags. Evidently, back in the day, it took more than 10,000 sea snails to make one gram of purple dye, which is why only wealthy people and royalty wore it. Purple carries a lot of mystique and symbolism and the wiki page is well worth a read, if you like random facts (or love colour).  

Music discovery
Not so much a discovery for me as a gift to you. I made a 'Christmas Cocktails' playlist for you all to play on Christmas Day!

And here are a few more you may like to play.

This one is the 'Christmas Crooners' list.

And this one is the 'Classical Christmas' list.

Then there's the 'Jazz Christmas' list.

And for those of you who like it a bit more 'rock'n'roll-y' here's the 'Jingle Bell Rock' list.

Best quote I heard or read this week
"Skip the boring parts." ~ Elmore Leonard (this is why he's one of my favourites). If only life were this simple!

Food I most enjoyed this week
My daughter made gingerbread men, Christmas trees and houses and then she decorated them. They were the best thing I ate this week. I hope you get the same thrill from the handmade treats you'll get this week!

Favourite article on the YLC website this week
I think the article about how often you should clean your appliances from our contributor Sam Wylie-Harris takes the cake this week. 

Best article I read on the web
How to use the delete button in your brain to make it more effective published on Medium.

One of the simplest ways to keep your brain in tip-top shape and make learning new things easier.

Thing I am most grateful for right now
Holidays! It's been a long year, so I'm very much looking forward to time off with my family and, hopefully, will get to see a few of my friends, too!

What I wish I could be doing that I can't do right now
Being on holiday! Honestly, it can't come quickly enough!

Feel like sharing? Go on, I dare you!

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Tonight there is a double episode of

In particular I enjoy Tom Selleck's acting.

Best news of the week, getting rid of the snotty nose kid Novak

Caterpillar' Novak Djokovic shows off bizarre anti-gravitational yoga  routine ahead of Aus Open clash — RT Sport News

At least he likes gravitational yoga, whatever that is lol


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