Legendary sports commentator Mike Gibson dies aged 75

Legendary sports commentator Mike Gibson, passed away this morning.

Gibbo, as he was affectionately known, was the innagural host of Wide World of Sports alongside Ian Chappell. He was also a respected mentor to a gaggle of journalists at the Daily Telegraph and had more recently been the host of the popular Back Page program alongside a comedian who famously parodied him on The Wired World of Sports, Billy Birmingham.

Known not only for his love of sports, but also for being a good sport himself, Mike Gibson will be missed by the sporting world, and by those who enjoyed his 'everyman' approach to sportcasting.

Vale Mike Gibson. 




Bless you Gibbo.

Back when I used to read the Telegraph his was often the only column I read. His opinion mattered. He was always a valuable source of information often delivered in such a humorous way as to reflect his modesty and humility.

Rest in peace Gibbo.

Shame that, used to watch him and Ian Chappell in

wide world of sports in the 1980s.

Rest inpeace


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