Labor’s loss blamed on Shorten

The Labor party’s post-mortem analysis of this year’s election loss has pointed the blame squarely at Bill Shorten’s unpopularity.

While the result also pointed to a cluttered policy agenda that it failed to adequately explain to voters, it also said it suffered a drop in support from Christians.

"On the whole, people of faith did not desert Labor, but Labor lost some support among Christian voters – particularly devout, first-generation migrant Christians," the report stated.

"Other religious denominations did not swing decisively one way or the other."

Shorten responded to the report of social media, blaming his lack of popularity on personal attacks during the campaign.

"I note the review considered the relentless and unprecedented multi-million dollar political attacks on me by (Clive) Palmer and the Liberals successfully tarnished my public standing," Mr Shorten posted on Twitter.

"This is an important lesson for any future leader to confront."

What do you think was to blame for Labor’s election loss earlier this year?

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I am not suffering but I would have under Labor.

As said above Bill Shorten’s unpopularity and the Labor Policies

That's true but also the close ties Labor has with the Green Party. Most voters in Australia and expats in NZ can't stand the Greens and rightly so.

Next election might prove you wrong Aviator. We shall see.

Bob Hawke's daughter makes explosive claim she was raped by a former minister and her father forced her to stay quiet as he feared a scandal would risk his chance of becoming Labor leader

a person sitting on a couch with a dog: Rosslyn Dillon (pictured) alleged she was raped three times in the 1980s by Bill Landeryou, a close friend of Hawke's who died in February


The daughter of former Prime Minister Bob Hawke claimed she was raped by a Labor MP, but her father begged her to stay silent for the sake of his own political career.

Rosslyn Dillon alleged she was raped three times in the 1980s by Bill Landeryou, a close friend of Mr Hawke, who died in February.


But as she turned to her father for comfort, she said she was met with a 'shocking and hurtful' response as he pleaded with her to stay quiet.

He feared it could derail his political career when he was on the cusp of becoming Labor leader.

MSN News

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