Labor changes to personal superannuation contributions.

I'm wondering if Labor's proposed changes will affect anyone else?

I’m 57 & currently work full time.  When I started to salary sacrifice into my super I found that my employer paid the 9.5% SG on my salary less the amount I had sacrificed.  While this is legal I feel that it is morally wrong.  My way around this for the past 2 years is to make my own weekly payments into my super fund.  If Labour wins the election they plan on disallowing personal superannuation contributions.  I emailed them & received a very lengthy response from Thomas McCrudden of Chris Bowen’s office.  The crux of it being that research indicated that the change affected very few people & those that it did had average earnings of $182,000 per year.  This is definitely not me!

Cheers Susan


Susan, you need to do both "what ifs"  to choose the most beneficial, and there will be a different outcome depending on your marginal rate of tax on income and whether the marginal rate varies according to your level of sacrifice. But I do know that the only marginal tax rate below 9.5% is zero.  

Then it won't affect you, Susan


First and foremost, although the super changes do not affect me personally now, I wish that the feds would STOP dickering with superannuation and property.

Over many years Noel Whittaker has enjoyed an enviable reputation for independence and well-founded advice.  Like many others I hot foot it to one of Noel's free reports to bone up on changes.  Here is an article that compares and looks to the murky future if there is a change in government [click for link]

Women should be interested.


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