Kerry v Barack


The US Presidential visit may be off until June, but the interview is on. Direct from Washington, Kerry O'Brien interviews President Barack Obama. With the President’s Australian trip postponed, Kerry O'Brien will be asking the questions face to face in Washington, for this exclusive Australian media interview, to go to air this Thursday night on The 7.30 Report. A not to be missed 7.30 Report exclusive Australian interview with President Barack Obama on ABC1 this Thursday night and streamed live at The interview can be watched on ABC iView the following day. Kerry O’Brien will present The 7.30 Report from Washington on Wednesday and Thursday this week.


thanks emma!

I went to record it on the set top box and seeing that I failed to put it on the right Chanel--I missed it--so will have to watch it on line tomorrow when I start my new downloads

Best bit of it is where Obama says he thinks that to get a second term one has to stick to one's election promises.

Not good outlook for Rudd 107 boats and still arriving then as he has broken every single one so far except for the one to a few million dollars spent by taxpayers to prove they never were stolen but taken into care for safety and signing up to Kyoto of which we had already down our targets whereas other signatories hadnt even got anywhere near.

Rest broken.


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