Keeping Biloela family locked up on Christmas Island cost Australia $1.4m last year

Keeping the Tamil family from Biloela in detention on Christmas Island has cost $1.4m in the last year alone, with the total cost to the government of attempting to deport the parents and their two children surpassing $6m.


Why are they there when they were good people and were also WORKING


Seems Scotty from marketing just seems to want to prove his point all the time even when it is dead wrong


Absolutely spot on. 

Dutton is one of the most spiteful and malevolent people in Parliament. He chose to make an example of these people, which itself was and is an evil act. Yet he also chose to let in the au pairs when it suited him, and he lambasted the Queensland government with their border closures, claiming they should make exceptions.

What about making an exception for the Biloela family, Dutton? You won't, because it is beyond your capacity for compassion and empathy. The psychological name for that personality disorder is psychopath, which seems to be a requirement in this Morrison government.

And yet the same man's wife owns (in name only) child-care centres. I know my children would never go anywhere near this man's centres. What a disgusting creature he is. 


I agree 54-11,  it sure does seem to be a requirement to be in the Morrison government.

Also, the amount of money Morrison throws around from OUR taxes

Yes Joyful56,  unbelievable that Dutton could have a child care center -- you would need lots of LOVE and CARE for that


A lot of people won't like this.

Maybe they should go back to Sri Lanka and apply the right way.  If they qualify they come back, if they don't, then they should look at other options, like India where Tamils are a majority in the south of that country.

There are lots of people both here in Australia and in the massive refugee camps scattered around the world that are doing just that. 

Sorry, it needed to be put on the table.

100% Billy. Had a couple of the bleeding heart. We have rules and regulations for a very good purpose. Jacka.

That should read I've had a gutful of the bleeding heart Society. And, NO Billy you have nothing to be sorry for. Jacka.

I agree.

Had they obeyed the rules from the beginning this would never have happened. And had they responded properly after every. single. court-case, they could have served their time back in Sri Lanka and returned to Australia having met their obligations which they have just never done.

They are in the position they are in because they did not want to play by the rules and a series of do-gooders keep trying to find ever more dubious reasons to mount yet another tax-payer funded case. 

Lived on Christmas Island for 2 years. A beautiful Island and atmosphere. I could have lived there for 10years with $1.4m.

But seriously as Billy says go through the accepted process. Do not set avoidance precedents.

Taking the personalities out of this it becomes a simple case of illegal immigrants being deported because they didn't apply to come to Australia and didn't have the correct paperwork. Their claim to be refugees is completely without merit as has been proved by various courts and the legal arguments are around the youngest child who was born in Australia. To allow the family to stay would be to send exactly the wrong message to people smugglers and would create a precedence in law that would weaken our borders. It must be remembered that they can make an application to come to Australia in the same way that anyone else can. I wonder how much money the legal people are making out of this case and that money comes from the taxpayers.

Unlike in America, being born in Australia does not confer citizenship. In fact, the children take the same visa status as their parents a has been confirmed time after time with other illegal migrants who have tried the same ploy. Therefore, their children have no right to stay given their parents are here illegally which has been ratified by the courts on several separate occasions.

Then why doesn't the government either send them back or let them stay where they were instead of wasting now a lot over 1.4 Milion

It is ridiculous to have ONE family on the island at that great cost when there is NO need for it

Honest migrents are paying $10,000 + to enter australia, to the government.  So who is realy paying the 1.4 milion.

We are as taxpayers


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