We are just so angry with the Rudd Government, was sure that last March Kevin Rugg promised us some assistance but of course he got what he wanted from our supprt and typical of all Governmemtsm they soon forget those they wanted help from until next election. But we all have memeories and am sure if he (Rudd) held a double dissolution tomorrow,he'd get one big shock at the anger out in the electorate.
Plenty of money for 20/20 'talk fests' and wars, but those wh helped make this country great are once again forgotten. We estimate that approximately 30% of our pension is gone before we get to spend a penny on the essentials like electricity etc,after all we pay the same price for fuel - groceries etc as those with the big tax cuts but apparently we don't matter. The BS about the tax review is nthing but BS for we or most of us,don't pay tax so what is there to review.
John and Margaret - Springwood Qld.


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