Herb's Dilemma


Hello Ladies,
Have you thought much about Ms Clinton or Mr Trumph and their affect on the future of mankind on this planet.
I place a lot of importance on the opinions of Australians, especially distinguished Austalan ladies.
I would delight in hearing what is on your minds.



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At the end of the day, it doesn't matter one iota what you crazy Ozzie shielas think.  If all you birds join one flock & back Trump, Hillary will still be the first woman President of the USA.  Lets face it;  the mafia has always run their business interests better than the asylum.

Personally find it outrageously arrogant that someone feels they have the right to move members comments from one thread to another at whim, and thought that would have been solely the responsibility and duty of either the forum moderator or YLC Admin. ie. Herb's comments moved from the 'Reflections' thread to this thread.

Likewise think it's pretty poor form that such action is followed up by creating a whole new thread for no other purpose but to belittle and make another member a figure of fun.

Can well imagine the over-the-top hullabaloo, screeching and gnashing of teeth if the person responsible for this action had her comments shunted between threads and a thread created for no other purpose but to mock.

Who  the hell is  Herb? You Herb, Shetso1? 

Hahhah, this is  so funny, "gnashing of teeth?" Whose  teeth?

Found  Herb  outside, is this him?

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Hey shetso1, had a look at the "Reflections"  thread and Herb is off topic. Way off topic.

Herb is talking about politics  and the ladies are talking about other stuff. So what's the big deal, huh? Thought  you would know the rules by now.


Can see a number of comments 'off topic' on this thread alone and was of the opinion that 'going off topic' was pretty much 'par for the course' on this forum and happens with great regularity.

So what?  From here on out we are to expect comments that are 'off topic' to be shunted to which ever location is preferred by Thea at whim? - Which as far as I can glean will keep the woman pretty busy.

People shunting comments from thread to thread is nothing to do with forum rules...and regard it as outrageously arrogant that someone can feel they have the right to take this action, and believe it belongs with either the forum moderator or YLC admin.

Ray...just ignore this person please. There is no point arguing with her. The Moderator has already removed the same comment made by Herb TWICE from the Reflections thread.

If shetso1 has a problem with anything...she should write to the Moderator and he/she will either remove this thread or not... depending on how important he/she thinks it is to do so. 

Have a goodnight and I hope everyone else  does too...

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I have a lot of respect for Shetso

shw is eloquent and her arguments fair minded , deep and cogent 


Why would some moron start a new thread using one of my posts from elsewhere ?

Let me quote banjo in this thread - banjo said "I thought herb was a scammer and reported him yesterday"

A Scammer is one who does everything in his/her power to steal from another, usually by means of trickery, deceit, and force.

You might explain what methods I have used to steal from you.

Is this a sign that some maniac sees a comment that she does not like and rushes off to the moderator with an unjustified whinge ?


Then we have the moron saying: -


14 hrs ago

Herb...I address you as "herb" but I know who you are. It's a  waste of your time posting your nonsense here...it only gives the Moderator more work having to remove your posts.

You will find no opinions of anything on this thread..I have opened a new thread for you in the Political section and you may find some answers there....just click on this link:


Now goodbye...and if  you keep posting your nonsense here we shall put a spell on you... end of quote

Is this for real. Who am I thea , please tell us all. Or are you scared that your lie will be discovered ?   Go on, I dare you.

You are really going to put a spell on me ???  Gee, it seems you have flipped to post such extraordinary rubbish.

Now you might be so kind as to explain why you have set out to belittle me. Is it to further your own egotist form ?


Good to see you posting Herb :)

You will have to drop in more often

You think so Abby? You haven't changed a bit, same old, same old. Herb and Abby hmmm.

Don't unpack  your suitcase "herb"...you may not be around for very long...see you've brought your "friend" along....

naah, herb is  n o friend of mine, he must be friend of Carlos, who is Pete, just worked it out, thanks Foxy, read between the lines.


Hiker - I think you should take a hike

lololol :)

cant "rick", recovering from knee op.


are you the one formerly known as Aquatrek ?

you used to give Seth such a hard time


Now he's gone to heaven he's laughing at you oh Richard Dawkins worshipper

Aqua who??

why discuss a  man who has passed pete? no respect?

Aqua has passed ?

Sorry I didnt know

Ans Seth I admire - so take a hike

why  so rude carlos? got  something to hide?

Have I landed in the "twilight zone"...I have no idea what is going on...perhaps best I don't....;)

Got news for  you  some will never leave  the  twilight zone.


DOnt worry Rad - youre the sane one 


DOnt let the loones convince you otherwise

Know the wherabouts of Pete. Carlos?

I think he's enjoying life in Sydney, Hiker

He sends me an email every now and then


Silly libertarian shit

and that Ayn Rand stuff - some of her stuff is good

yeah keyboard  warriors. all  the same. Abbey still here tho

abby will never leave

she loves it here with her loonie firends Thea, Micha, Barak ...

thougt abbey  was  besties wih  twila.

twila's disappeared too, 

must have been after Pete left 

did they get married? is Solly stillin Belgium?


dont think they did

Pete was into younger women

much younger

and twila is faaarr to intellectual for Pete

his ego would not have been able to handle it

Pete's probably bonking some 35 year old

I think Solly joined a hippie nudist colony and fried his brain on drugs

nudist eh? always thougt Solly liked showing off 

What the hell's wrong with this Thea bird

bitter and twisted, taking it our on poor Herb who's done absolutely nothing to her

strange indeed

w onder what kind of herb he is,   ?

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