Herb's Dilemma


Hello Ladies,
Have you thought much about Ms Clinton or Mr Trumph and their affect on the future of mankind on this planet.
I place a lot of importance on the opinions of Australians, especially distinguished Austalan ladies.
I would delight in hearing what is on your minds.



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To start the ball rolling herb...I have to say I am not too chuffed at American politics at the moment...

I think Trump is a complete nutcase and has no chance of getting into the White House. On the other hand...Hillary stands every chance of becoming the first female President of the United States..

Since you place so much importance (as stated in your post) on the opinions of Australians...and especially distinguished ladies...then I must tell you as a distinguished lady..I advice you to vote for Hillary..

Please do tell us about your life as an American living in America in this political climate...

Correction: Should read "advise" and not "advice" third paragraph..third line.......

Well Herb

I feel you should vote for Mr Trump and Make America Great Again

Great countries don't hate everyone who isn't a straight white Christian male.

Herb, don't take any notice of Abby...she has $10 riding on the outcome and she will do anything, and I mean anything to win this bet...if you get my meaning , nod, nod, wink, wink  !!

I thought herb was a scammer and reported him yesterday, not realising he had a problem with his memory. Sorry herb, good you've got a new thread.

Is this just for the ladies or can anyone answer? I too would like to see Mrs Clinton win, since I have great fears Trump could be cause for another world war.

I thought he was Rosemary Sage and Thyme

LOL LOL LOL  .........and then some!!!  (Garlic/parsley?)     :-)

That's not nice..I get all dressed up in my best T shirt to welcome Herb and he hasn't even popped his head round the door to say thank you for helping him out... quite disappointed...

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Who is Herb?

Yeah Thea, who is Herb.

Did you tell him where you put this thread?

Now  that "Herb" knows how to find his thread he should be more than happy...

Ladies  can you keep "herb" happy...he  seems like a lost soul wandering in a desert of confusion....


Herb Elliot??

Herb from the Burbs?

Nope, think Herb is one of these guys -

 My wife works over-thyme in her herb garden before she decides it is time to cummin.

Hey Pepe - Have you been sleeping in the knife draw lately?, 

You're very sharp today.

Well Herb...as you may have read  Trump has had a very rough and crazy week...however...that's not  surprising  since he is as mad as a hatter and I believe only the rednecks and crazies will vote for him.

My advice  stilll stands vote for Hillary...

Hola, I have to confess I cannot take the credit...found it on Mr Google!

Still no sign of dear ole Herb...just  wondering if he had made up his mind to dump Trump?

Thea - Maybe Herb is looking for a girlfriend and checking out all the talent, count me out Herb, I want nourishment, not punishment.

Hola..you are  brilliant! Herb must be looking for a match up...I just saw this picture of him on the internet...he looks so forlorn...

Foxy...are you freeeeeeeeeee?

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.... sure that's not you Thea?  Always thought you may have been a "pot-head'?  Given your crazy crap ravings on here .........lo lol lol 




Thea - So funny, it's like that song, "I'm a Loney Little Petunia in an Onion Patch". ha ha.  We're on fire today girls, c'mon Herb show us your hand, or maybe we've frightened him off. He'll be thinkg we're a bunch of crazy Aussie sheilas.

Hola...some luck at last. I placed an ad in the local paper  and had one reply..hope Herb gets in touch soon or she'll start  walking...

Image result for ugly female garden gnome

Thea-  Hope Herb is not too picky.

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