Just back from Tasmania - new to this site

Hi everyone, would love to know if anyone has some ideas on what I could join to expand my mind! I play Mahjong online and do some interesting JP work, nurse with the terminally ill and go to functions on the Gold Coast, but need a mental diversion. Any suggestions?


One diversion which i have found to be not only challenging but also very time consuming is going on a site such as agenes Reunited and starting a family tree. The research can be quite challenging. My understanding from my father was that i was the only son of an only son etc. Not so! i have found that my paternal great great grandfather was one of three children. I have now traced down ten living relatives. I have also found that i am conversing with distant relatives from around the world on a daily basis and now list over 400 relatives in my tree after only two years research.

Thankyou, I have done that years ago, traced my ancestory back to the 14th century, to a King! All from my grandfather's side though. Wonderful and interesting isn't it.[size=3][/size][color=green][/color]

Ancestry can be an interestting thing to learn about ............Mine was traced back to the 12th Century and It was discovered that we had a knight of the realm as a family member who was a Crusader also . .........He lived in County Gloucester and retired as clerk of the Privy Council ..........Amazing really ..........

Wow! 12th century? that is wonderful, when I had a business many yrs ago many people used my photocopy machine and it was amazing how many people never got past the 14th, how long did it take you? [size=3][/size][color=blue][/color]

I don't know really my dad researched it..........


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