Josh Frydenberg will undoubtedly be the next head of the Coalition. Thoughts?

josh frydenberg

The liveliest part of Budget night is always the Leigh Sales’ interview immediately the speech. And this one did not disappoint. Ms Sales was as cutting as ever but, to Mr Frydenberg’s credit, he more than held his own.

Ms Sales pointed out that no secret has been made about Mr Frydenberg's leadership aspirations, but it will be his budgets that will go down with his leader’s ship.

That may be the case, but Mr Frydenberg responded that he was proud of his role in government thus far.

What we saw in that interview was Josh Frydenberg's audition for the top job. He was impressive. Even showed a bit of personality and 'cheek' which, let's face it, we've been missing from our leaders of late.

If I was a betting man, which I’m not, but I would bet that this man will undoubtedly be the next head of the Coalition. And perhaps rightfully so. What do you think?


you are clearly betting that Frydenburg wins Kooyong again ... his supporters in Kooyong are not as confident his election is all but won. Cannot become PM if not in the Parliament.

Heaven forbid!

Good god NO!

Clean out the old guard and put in fresh blood with a decent moral compass who aren't afraid to tell big business to stick their bribes where it hurts.

Are there any out there.......echo????......guess not????‍??

If Frydenberg becomes leader, under this gutless man we will effectively have a Neanderthal AKA National Party led coal-ition. Cast back  to when Turnbull was PM and Frydenburg proposed a realistic energy policy which was trashed by the cabinet and dropped. If he can't stand up for his own principles and beliefs he can't stand up for the country.  Should the independents be successful in knocking out some of the liberal moderates the coal-ition will likely move further to the right making a centrist like Frydenberg a less likely as a leader.

I wouldn't trust Josh Frydenberg with my dog. Did anyone watch 4 Corners last night? - I urge everyone to watch this program because it shows how we are all being hoodwinked in to believing our country could never be taken over by another country. You might not know the name JBS but if you buy Primo Ham, Huon Salmon, McDonald's burgers or meat from Coles, Woolworths or Aldi, you're likely buying JBS products. 4 Corners can now reveal that behind the food giant's early expansion in Australia, were bribes,paid in Brazil, and 2 millionaire brothers willing to break the law to get what they want. Josh Frydenbers's name came up in this story and he refused to be interviewed. He has been determined to be tight lipped, he was happy to land the JBS takeover of Primo.  Now this company has broken into the Salmon market in Tasmania.  Watch: 4 Corners - The Butchers from Brazil.  You will be disgusted as I am.



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