Jinxed ship

One ship I would be loath to travel on would be Sun Princess.

It seems to have been in the news a lot lately for all the wrong reasons.  Sickness, cancelled sailings, and today we have someone lost overboard.

Royal Caribbean is my favourite cruise line.


Seggie. My English friends were on a luxury cruise and ended up being extremely ill, same virus. The ship wasn't allowed to land and doctors had to be taken to the ship, moored some distance away.  They spent most of their time on their toilet. A very unhappy voyage.

when you go on these ships you should always take a couple of packets of Gastro Stop

I read the other day that Cunard was the line with the lowest number of novo virus outbreaks.  

A list of dos and dont was given in the article  and washing your hands is top of list of course.

Also, do not touch handrails and when pressing the buttons in the lifts use your elbow not your hands.

One thing I always did (apart from the usual disinfecting of your hands as you entered the dining room) was to have some handwash with me as well. When I sat down after selecting from the buffet (using the same utensils as everyone else to select the food) I would clean my hands again before eating.

You cannot assume that everyone has used the disinfectant as they entered the dining room.

So far never been sick on a cruise but of course you cannot eliminate every germ...luck of the draw but you can at least lessen the chances.

I have been on the Sea Princess and the Dawn Princess and there has never trouble with sickness,in March 2016 I am sailing on the Golden Princess to New Zealand for the second time then doing PNG again later in 2016

I love the Princess line


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