Jarryd Hayne selected to play in the NFL

I'm not a massive fan of the NFL, but like many other Australians, i've watched with interest the the story surrounding Jarryd Hayne's move from being a top NRL player and giving it all up for a chance at making it in the NFL.

He made the decision last year at just 26 years of age, what is considered to be the prime of your career in most sports. He could have happily played out the next four to six years at a NRL club and made a few million dollars in the process.

After being selected in the squad for 2015/16, a massive feat in itself, he is expected to make the squad for the first game of the season on Tuesday at 12:15pm AEST - but we won't know until 90 minutes before the game.

Hayne had many doubters along the way, including myself, and even pushed through visa issues to find himself on a roster. All you can do is admire the resilience of such a young man taking a chance to do what he wants in life.


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