Is your dog a danger to the postie?

Australia Post is calling on the community to do its bit and help keep posties and delivery drivers safe with the launch of a new campaign centred on dog safety.

Households across the country will receive postcards in their letterboxes encouraging residents to protect their pets, their posties and their neighbourhood.

Every workday last financial year, at least three posties, drivers or delivery contractors were attacked by dogs while delivering letters and parcels for the community - that's over 1000 incidents across the year. Already this year there have been over 860 dog-related incidents with more than 350 injuries recorded.

Australia Post’s Rod Barnes said it was vital that people in the community understand and consider the risks faced by posties, drivers and delivery contractors and that they take steps to help keep them out of harm’s way.

“Safety is our number one priority at Australia Post but each year too many of our people are injured by unsecured dogs,” said Mr Barnes.

“Even the cutest and most mild-mannered dog can have strong protective instincts and pose a threat or safety concern if it’s not secured, and our people simply cannot deliver if it’s unsafe, which can then delay the delivery for the customer.

“We work hard to create a safe working environment for our people and this safety campaign plays an important part in highlighting the ways our customers can support us to do that.”

Australia Post has a range of alternate delivery points for customers who are unable to secure their dogs, with options to send parcels directly to a Post Office, PO Box or one of more than 500 free 24/7 Parcel Lockers.

For more information on Australia Post’s Dog Safety Week campaign or Australia Post’s collection points, customers can visit or

How does your dog react to delivery drivers? Do you have to restrain them to collect your packages?


I never had to restrain my dogs as they were well trained

My dog is an angel on four legs. Since I have a Post Office box, the postie hardly ever stops at my house. However, I have trained her to bark rather fiercely at anyone who drops junk mail in my box!

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voip phone system

The question Oz Post needs to answer is how they can justify halving delivery frequency  while charging same postage rates. Just a way to reduce exposure of posties to the dogs? 

Yes, it takes about 3 weeks or more to get mail now!

My dog is a danger to no one, I am, I wait for my postie and when he is approaching, I blow my seaman's whistle and he almost wets himself LOL


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