Is buying another car fun? nah not really :(

Spent the whole day yesterday from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. looking to exchange our car for a newer one but our beautiful 1990 Fairlane which has been well cared for and looks really a big beautiful Regal Car (in our opinion) is at the stage where it needs a new transmission and once that goes things all start to need to be replaced and we will have to replace the tyres also very soon SO we have decided to upgrade and get into a newer car. All cars on the road seem to look the same these days I feel all silver, or white mostly. I know ours is also but it has been a well cared for car and it was put on Gas not long ago.. We have been proud enough of our car to have our name on our car for nearly forever....It has clocked up a few miles also but to be offered $2,000 as a trade in is sad to us. I feel for our friend :( but what can we do have to go buy a "bubble" which cars today seem to be. I will enjoy being able to park it easier of course (but we have always had a big car so used to that).
We had quite a few terse words because the twice we were going to buy a car at two different places the dealer said we had to test drive their car before they would give us a trade in and
drive away price regardless Peter and I both said "We will only have the newer car for a set price we have in mind to spend" but no have to drive the car FIRST but we were not happy with the base price either time so walked out after wasting ours and their time.
Back tomorrow to look at 4 we saw and were o.k. with to test drive aaround 2005 to 2006
It is a nightmare really as we have had a lemon wayback when and very scared to do that again..
have a lovely Sunday.

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Maybe owned by a traveler--sales man or such

Still have not chosen the one we will buy yet - looking and looking and looking.

A very time consuming job Phyl--and hard to make sure you get a good one

It is Jane. With our big old girl we have gone into it and it needs over $6,000 worth of work and it still will only ever have the driver's air bag as no way to build another into a car not programmed to have one. With the car being worth around $500 if we had an accident

we would not get anything like what we have spent on it. We have decided to just give the car away. We will buy one after Easter now. Both Peter and I were amazed with how easy it is to park the smaller cars (not too small a Holden Commodore) but our car with the big front (engine) it is always a drive in and back out and wiggle it to get into the parking spots and even then it hangs over a bit front and back. We both drove a test Commodore and just drove in, in one swoop between two parked cars and it felt good :)

Yes Phyl it get s to be good money after bad--but such a hell of a job making sure all is well with the one you buy--I remember spending many weeks looking at different cars all over the place--(private) when I was 1st married--but my husband knew a lot about cars and so we always managed to get a good one.

Thanks folks for all your comments.

How much do you think a new key will cost us today? and it takes 3/4 hour wait to actually get it? see below if interested.

$145.00 yes $145 terrible hey? but the car comes with just one and we both want a key in our bag/pocket as well, we do :)

You cannot open the car with just an ordinary key as it is a whiz bang remote opening style and that is the way it is made as most maybe all are nowadays. Very safe as cannot (cannot is a strong statement to make for anything as we all know like nothing is forever) be stolen. but very safe anyway......

12th May is coming everyone got their party stuff ready for the party? Bring good goodies as everyone will be able to afford good goodies hey? We will see. Looking forward to something makes life very interesting.

Yes Phyl--thos type of keys are very dear--and so are the auto windows to get fixed if the stop working--

A little belated, but congratulations on your new car Phyl.

The spare keys are a real motor trade rip off.

As for the electric windows, it is a well known trade secret, that the ones on the Falcons & Holdens are made of plastic & designed for a limited life. It is not IF, but WHEN they fail, you will have to buy a genuine one that will cost you from $175 to $200 plus fitting.

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