Investing in Super or shares at 63


I wonder if someone could help? I am a single woman 63 years old and plan to retire at 67. I am in receipt of $200,000. I have only $57,000 in my super and rent. I have the promise of moneys in the future to buy a house but for the moment just need to top up my income so I can reduce my work hours slightly. Any suggestions of different income streams? Would appreciate the assistance.


A good Industry Super Fund will allow you the best of both worlds, you can Salary Sacrifice into it and it will allow you to manage your investments to a decent degree.

If you are going to continue working for some time you could suppliment your income with the cash you have access to and gain a tax advantage by salary sacrificing as much as you can of your wages to build up your Super. At 67 if you want to continue to work you can access your Super and transition to retirement, you may be able to do this now.

I did this with Q Super and it worked out quite well, my wife did the same thing, she actually moved some of her Super over into a Pension Account, kept working and continued to contribute into her Super Fund.

Most decent funds offer free coucilling services that will allow you to make an informed decision.  That could be a good first step, again a reputable fund will offer advice without trying to use it as an opportunity to take advantage, take the information they offer but make your own decision.

I am not a financial advisor, I can only tell you what has worked for myself and my family.  I have a small amount invested in income producing shares and found that overall it is not doing as well as my Super spread over three types of investment options.

Hello Ex PS

Thank you so much for your informative reply. I find it so difficult with so many options.

I am with Australian Super and will most definitely heed your suggestions. It was an option top of my list so will call them and discuss options available to me tomorrow.

Once again thank you for your assistance.

You can now only put $100,000 of that $200,000 into super per year. 

Hello VeryCaringBigBear

Thank you so much for this advice. i was not aware of this . Very helpful.

Yes there is a limit of $100,00 per year however at 63 you could still exercise use of the bring forward rule which allows you to bring forward the amounts you could put in over the following 2 years allowing you to put up to $300,000 into your super.  You don't have put in all $300K in one go, you can put it in as you have it but it means once you put all $300K in then no more till the 3 years are up.  By that time you'll be 65 so then it's a bit more complicated and depends on whether you're retired etc but unless you're likely to get another big chunk of $$ it won't matter.  Ask your fund and accountant but you could be in a good space to use some of the money to salary sacrifice an amount (or deposit as a concessional contribution) to reduce your tax and maybe even hold some money back to use as a concessional contribution next year but doing that depends on you tax situation.  I know it's complicated but hopefully the information will help you to ask the right questions.

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