Interesting trips

A friend of mine 61 Female single real estate agent ,takes several short trips a year as an independent traveller.

The first in May is to Norway. where she will fly into Oslo and then fly up to a port within the Artic Ciircle.

then catch a boat that carries passengers mail etc down the coast calling in a number of ports. 

It finishes in Bergen where she catches train back to Oslo.


Another one she is doing in Sept is to Positano in Italy where a whole group have rented out three Villas . For ten days . 

They are journeying separately , my friend is flying into Rome then train down to Sorrento then ferry around to Positano . 

From a number of friends who are great users of Cruising they feel that now it may have peaked and that now they have the confidence to do more independent travel .

Vatican Gardens - established during the Renaissance and Baroque era

A place of quiet and meditation for the popes since 1279 - Limited access through guded tours.

Well worth a visit

Have you visited Abby?

Yes Pete :)

Some years back now with my study mates Sr. Maria Joseph and Sr. Benedict both fluent in Italian and they had access beyond that of a normal tourist.

I almost got a bad reputation at the time with my car being parked outside the Convent on many a evening. LOL

We remained friends till last year when both the sisters sadly passed away within weeks of each other. RIP

i once knew a nun from napoli.

after a few days with me, she picked up bad habits, left the nunnery.

last i heard she was working as an escort in Monte Carlo

Another beautiful place I've visited is Prague - they call it PRAHA and is the capital city of Czech Republic.

It is on the banks of the River Vltava

It must be the most beautiful city in Europe. Fortunately The WW2 did not take too much toll on its architecture which is some of the best in the world.

The people there are friendly with many of them speaking English

I still have contact with people from there now even after a few years - internet is such a wonderful means of communication.


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