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The Beach boys in a recording studio in 1962


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EU migrants who come to Britain will not be able to claim benefits for five years

EU nationals already living in Britain and those from Ireland will not be affected.


NSW Nationals MP Michael Johnsen has identified himself as the man accused of sexually assaulting a female sex worker in the Blue Mountains last year.


Trish Doyle used parliamentary privilege to allege a government MP raped a sex worker.  Hours later MP Michael Johnsen revealed he was the man at the centre of the allegation and said he was innocent.  Source:  ABC

Oh dear, they are coming out of the woodwork now.


Watched Streetcar Named Desire yesterday made in 1951 with Marlin Brando, what a hunk.  Catching up on some old movies on Netflix.


Never liked Brando at all  -- many did though



Craig Kelly and Peter Evans.  Apparently they had a meeting this morning.

Birds of a feather, stick together. 

I can never see any of those pics you send HOLA????

Sorry HOLA -- yes it was Toot's

So many sleazy problems with federal and state politicians. Pity they don't keep their minds on the job/s they were elected to do. 

I never send pictures PlanB. Maybe it's Toot's.


This excavator doing its best to help with the Suez Canal situation

150 ships are waiting to pass through the 120 mile canal




Aerial view of the Cargo ship that is stuck in the Suez Canal


Looks like the Captain was trying to reverse park. 

Very costly blockage, apparently it's holding up $9.6bn of goods a day.

The Ever Given, operated by the Taiwanese company Evergreen Marine, is the length of four football pitches and one of the world's biggest container vessels. The 200,000-tonne ship is capable of carrying 20,000 containers. Its blockage is causing huge tailbacks of other ships trying to pass through the Suez Canal.



Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The architect Cristina Ventura who is in charge of the restoration of Christ the Redeemer, looks out from the top of the statue which will have its 90th anniversay in October.  Photo Carl de Souza/AFP/Getty


Wow ... that's a long way up.


New Zealand’s parliament has voted unanimously to give mothers and their partners three days of bereavement leave after a miscarriage or stillbirth.

Now there is a person with empathy UNLIKE the oxygen thief that is our PM

Nurse in Italy plays with 7 month old baby positive to covid and waiting for surgery.


This is an ESP Ultimate Archangel, from the Japanese branch of ESP


They made a series of angel guitars over the years and the line this is from was made specifically for Toshihiko Takamizawa ("Takamiy") of The Alfee.  Currently almost $62,000 with today's exchange rate.  Here's the site for the line.

What an amazing looking instrument.

Virginia just abolished the death penalty.


(Reuters) - AstraZeneca cannot export any more COVID-19 vaccines from Europe until is makes good on its contracts with the European Union, EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen said after a meeting of the leaders of the 27-nation bloc.

“We have to and want to explain to our European citizens that they get their fair share,” she told a news conference late on Thursday, adding that companies had to honour their contracts with the EU before exporting to other regions. “And this is of course the case with AstraZeneca,” von der Leyen said.

“I think it is clear for the company that, first of all the company has to catch up, has to honour the contract it has with the European member states, before it can engage again in exporting vaccines.”



Just what nobody needs at the moment.

Sad for New Guinea as Australia gave the contract to them.


Phillip John Cooper

A Victorian man has pleaded guilty to five charges related to the sexual abuse of children in the Philippines.


Nine children, including some as young as two years old, were rescued in the Philippines in February after a tip-off from Australian Federal Police.



These creeps really give me the horrors.

These are the creeps we NEED the death penalty for!!!

I can not even imagine why the hell some despicable creep could do such with these little children--

This is interesting about the PMs

Fascinating read thanks Toot. Some really scathing verdicts there on our more recent PMs.

Sorry, my mistake, thanks PlanB (not Toot) for the interesting read.

RnR Here is the one I was looking for about the pedophilia in parliament  told by Bill Heffernan



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