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Medicinal cannabis blacklisted by Australian pain specialists


 Dean of ANZCA’s pain medicine faculty Professor Michael Vagg 

Doctors are being told not to use medicinal cannabis to treat patients with chronic pain, warning there is no solid evidence it is effective, as Australia’s medical regulator approves its 100,000th cannabinoid script.

Dean of ANZCA’s pain medicine faculty Professor Michael Vagg said medicinal cannabis products on the market “are not even close” to showing they are effective in the management of patients with complex chronic pain.

“The research available is either unsupportive of using cannabinoid products in chronic non-cancer pain or is of such low quality that no valid scientific conclusion can be drawn,” the pain specialist and physician said.

A medicinal cannabis farm at an undisclosed location in NSW that will legally produce large quantities of cannabis oil

Interesting, thanks Toot. More on link below.


The ABC managing director, David Anderson, has mounted a strong defence of Louise Milligan’s reporting on Christian Porter, saying her journalism was in the public interest and of the “highest quality”.

The Australian’s Janet Albrechtsen and Peter van Onselen did publish the more salacious parts of the woman’s letter, which have never appeared on any ABC platform.

“The ABC chose never to identify her,” he said. “No unpixellated image has been used; her voice has not been heard. Her story has been told through her friends who cared deeply about her.

“Many of the details of her account of the alleged rape have not been reported on ABC platforms. As editorial standards require, the ABC sought to minimize the distress to her bereaved family.”


Source:  The Guardian

It will be an interesting outcome.

People will be lining up to get into the courtroom with this one.

Yes sure is interesting and this bloke Porter is using OUR tax money to sue the ABC -- AND he is getting paid his full wage to do half his work!  Absolute users and crooks

The Prime Minister has released a statement last night apologising for the untrue claims he made in relation to News Corp stating the following



I watched that media conference ... it was going very well for the PM until that disastrous reply to the News Ltd journalist.


And he's so absorbed inside his own personal bubble, who keep him isolated from what's really going on, he didn't even know that the reporter he was speaking to was a member of Sky News, Rupert's Liberal-leaning news channel.  I think he's handled the alleged rape and recently discovered developments appallingly.

I watched that and once again Morrison is hopeless, he has no empathy at all and has NO leadership skills -- never has had -- everything he says is a load of utter BS, and his typical salesman talk.

Even a few of his own party are seeing through him now

Saw that interview too RnR. I get embarrassed every time he speaks., usually through the back of his head. That cocky way he talks to people and no empathy at all., plus that smirk....... creepy. 

Yes Hola, I feel embarrassed when he comes on too because he never says what he should.



I can think of one person who has handled herself very well over these disgusting goings on in Parliament, and that is Tanya Plibersek.   She speaks very well and seems to have genuine compassion, something Morrison hasn't got.


I like her.





Defence Minister Linda Reynolds has withdrawn from a high-profile international conference next month as uncertainty mounts over her future in the crucial frontbench role. She is on leave until April 2 due to a heart condition.  Foreign Minister Marise Payne and Defence Chief Angus Campbell will speak at the event.


More troubles for the government.


Reynolds also has a lot to answer to re the Submarines that have cost more than 190 BILLION and are out of date before they were even ordered and we won't have them for a few years yet even !! FGS what the hell is wrong with these politicians!!


I am over the --- lot of them


I'd like to know how these people get into government? Where do they study, is it a University Degree?. I reckon most of us on this site could run a government better.  These people get their grubby little hands on the public purse and spend willy nilly .  


Yes HOLA dead right it seems and they NEVER answer a question they go all around it till the time is up and then we still have not had an answer -- they need to be tied in a chair with NO time limit and the questioner needs to have a very long and STRONG cattle prod

Reuters / Tuesday, March 23, 2021

A family receives medical attention after the Marine Rescue boat that rescued them from rising floodwaters capsized in strong currents, as the state of New South Wales experiences widespread flooding and severe weather, in the suburb of Sackville North in Sydney, Australia.  REUTERS/Loren Elliott 


NSW SES Commissioner Carlene York says a rescue boat capsize on the Colo River yesterday will be investigated but she has praised the SES volunteers who saved the lives of evacuating residents. Ms York said SES volunteers train for circumstances like this but an investigation will be conducted.

"We will look at training, the circumstances, but can I just point out that those rivers are running rapidly, they have been rising very quickly and it is very dangerous," she said, "My volunteers put their lives on the line to get out there and assist people. Things will happen, we train for that. We expect that the unexpected may happen and regretfully that's what happened."

The water is still rising in the Hawkesbury River, as the dam is still filling and spilling over.

I feel so much for all the poor people that have lost so much at this time --I can not imagine what they are going through plus the Animals that were drowned -- it is so sad


Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa was identified by authorities as the suspect in Monday’s massacre at the King Soopers supermarket in Colorado.  The weapon used in the attack was an AR-15-style pistol modified with an arm brace, according to the source.

According to reports, Ahmad Alissa was known to the FBI and had ranted online about 'racist islamophobes' hacking his phone. A high school wrestler who has been described by his family as 'mentally ill', was born in Syria and moved to the US when he was three. He now lives in Arvada, Colorado, around 30 miles from the grocery store he targeted, killing ten people.

He was taken into custody at 3.28pm and was transported to the hospital to be treated for a leg wound. He has since been released from the hospital and is now in Boulder County Jail. Police have not yet confirmed his motive. He has been charged with ten counts of murder. 

So disappointing, I thought we were done with Muslim terror.


Harry and Meghan Finally Admit They Didn’t Have Secret Backyard Wedding


Meghan told Oprah she and Harry tied the knot “in our backyard” three days before the $50 million public wedding on May 19, 2018.

Meghan, 39, said in the interview, “You know, three days before our wedding, we got married. No one knows that. The vows that we have framed in our room are just the two of us in our backyard with the Archbishop of Canterbury.”

The claim was much disputed, not least because in the U.K. a minimum of two witnesses are needed for a legal marriage to take place.


Today’s formal admission to The Daily Beast that no marriage took place in advance of the official ceremony comes after the marriage certificate document was obtained by the British newspaper the Sunthe paper paid £42 (about $58) to obtain a copy from Britain’s General Register Office.

Very odd claim by Meghan IMO ... attention seeking???

Yes RnR, that's why she sought an interview with Oprah in the first place, she wanted to bag the royals.

New York City firefighters rescue Dylan, a Catalina macaw, from a tree in Manhattan.  The bird escaped as he was being transported to a vet by his owner.  Photo:  Reuters.

:) Good on them.



Tel Aviv, Israel

Raif Lalo, a Covid patient, votes in parliamentary elections inside an intensive care ward for coronavirus patients at Ichilov hospital.  Israel is holding its fourth election in less than two years.  Photograph:  Oded Balilty/AP




What a bizarre scene.



Re the Hawkesbury floods, my daughter's house at Cattai (next to Pitt Town) is above the flood line and has full house and contents insurance.  She said the people whose houses are now covered with water are well and truly on the flood plain, they bought the land cheaply years ago and were told no insurance company would cover them.  I can see the temptation for wanting acres of good land at a bargain price, it would be very tempting, but if there is no insurance, it's a huge gamble IMO.  She's has the family whose house only has the roof showing staying at her house.




Toot I do agree and there is NO way I would buy such and it is not that I am super rich --but I like to know I am as safe as I can be as there is so much that they will not insure you for and that HAS to be important as in the long run if you lose everything it sure odes NOT end up cheap land OR a home.

I still feel for those though, poor buggers

When my son bought his home up near the Tweed area, he made sure it was not in a flood area -- and with all the floods that have been there he has been safe -- thank goodness


Sad news.

The floods have claimed their first life, after a man died when his car became trapped in floodwaters in Sydney's northwest early this morning. NSW Police say emergency services responded to reports a car was trapped in floodwaters on Cattai Ridge Road, near Hidden Valley Lane, in Glenorie just before 6.30am.

A diver and emergency services search an upturned car at flooded Canungra Creek.

The discovery comes as a rescue mission is underway in the Gold Coast hinterland. David Hornman 38, was last seen leaving a home on Lamington National Park Road in Canungra at about 6am on Monday and has not contacted his family since. Mr Hornman's white 2013 Isuzu D-Max ute was then discovered floating in the flooded Canungra Creek on Wednesday morning.

Update to above just now from the ABC.

So sad --and to think of the poor souls that have lost so much, it is heart breaking

Linda Reynolds and Christian Porter dropped

The reshuffle is set to see both Linda Reynolds and Christian Porter removed from their ministries. 


Christian Porter is set to be stripped of his Attorney-General portfolio as the Prime Minister seeks to cauterize the deepening crisis engulfing his government. 


The reshuffle could be announced as early as Friday.


It is expected Peter Dutton will become Defence Minister and Michaelia Cash will be Attorney-General


Source:  ABC


These scum should be able to be chucked out totally!

Sky News presenter and former federal parliamentary staffer Peta Credlin has revealed that she had sacked the Coalition staffer featured in a video masturbating on the desk of a federal MP at Parliament House.

During her segment on Sky News on Wednesday night, Credlin also alleged that, in a separate case, evidence was found showing that another staffer had held orgies inside Parliament, including during question time when their boss was in the chamber.

After terminating the staffer’s employment, the man backgrounded journalists against her, Credlin said. She alleged that the man called her a “bitch” and said that she was “too tough”.

“That bloke I demanded to be sacked years earlier for disloyalty, for lying, for leaking against his boss,” she said.

“I sacked him and I said he would never be back while I worked in that building.”

The staffer was rehired when Malcolm Turnbull became prime minister, she said, only to be dismissed this week following the publication of the lewd videos.


Source:  The Age

WHAT the hell is wrong with these that are in parliament -- we expect higher morals and behavior from such people -- they are no better than criminals and are the lowest of the low!


IF such is known then sack them and also charge them!

Why the dickens would Turnbull re-employ such creep!?

Craig Kelly has continued to stand by Frank Zumbo despite mounting allegations of misconduct. (ABC News:



Senior Liberal Party member Kent Johns has labelled embattled MP Craig Kelly a "liar", as the former Liberal MP continues to stand by his political staffer Frank Zumbo amid allegations that Mr Zumbo sexually harassed young women.


At least seven women have provided statements to NSW Police detailing allegations of inappropriate behaviour by Craig Kelly's trusted advisor, Frank Zumbo.

Makes you wonder how many more of these creeps are in there maybe GG should sort them all out and have them NAMED as well

Seems like they are all led by their genitals -- there was talk of pedophilia I read some time ago but the bloke was not names


If I can find it I will post it

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