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The Beach boys in a recording studio in 1962



It took wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas six months to capture the once-in-a-lifetime shot, but he got it.

In an amazingly detailed blog post, Burrard-Lucas says he has increasingly specialized in photographing wildlife at night—a glimpse into a night-time kingdom where nocturnal creatures such as hyenas, leopards and lions are in their true element.

For those curious, the image was captured with strategically placed remote cameras in Laikipia County, Kenya. Specific photo settings were: f/5.6, ISO 1600, 30 seconds, 23mm. If you want to learn more about how Will got the shot, I highly recommend you check out his blog post.



Great photo.


My suburb got on the news yesterday as it had 111mls dumped on it.  Lucky we don't live near any flooding suburbs.  

Toot - hope your daughter is safe in Pitt Town, they are getting drenched.  Stay safe everybody.



Thanks Hola, it's not raining here at the moment, but more is promised, luckily daughter is high and dry in Cattai, next to Pitt Town and have access roads to the city.  But they have friends who live the other side of Windsor bridge which is closed and can't get to work.  So knowing what would happen if the rain kept coming, they parked their cars at her place and cross the Hawkesbury River in a tinny, jump in their car and go to work.


 ABC News: Timothy Swanston

The new Windsor bridge in Sydney's north-west built only last year has gone under.


The replacement bridge is higher than the old bridge built in 1874 and the NSW government said it would be better able to cope with the impacts of flooding.


Have to love NSW government's decision to build a new bridge that wasn't up to the job.



Apparently ...

The deck of the new bridge is about three metres higher at the northern bank and six metres higher at the southern bank than the old bridge however the approach to the bridge on the Thompson Square side isn't higher than the ground floor levels of adjacent buildings.

Maybe that's the Thompson Square approach on the photo.

Australian Platypus Conservancy researchers used live trapping to gauge the size of the platypus population along the Buffalo River.( Supplied: Geoff Williams


Platypus populations in north-east Victoria are much stronger than expected after last year's bushfires, much to the relief of researchers.

Australian Platypus Conservancy researchers set nets in four locations along the river and found 12 platypuses along the upper Buffalo River near Myrtleford.

Biologist Geoff Williams said the animals probably survived because they were normally in the water or in their burrows underground.

:) Great news.

Yes great news --


Hi all hope you are all safe and OK???



Officials from the Grand Mosque in Paris, the Grand Mosque in Lyon and the Great Mosque of Evry revealed in a statement that the French authorities have adopted new conditions for slaughtering poultry that make it impossible to respect the doctrinal and basic principles of halal ritual slaughter as of July 2021.


Religious officials met at the beginning of this week at the Grand Mosque in Paris to discuss ways to educate public authorities about the tragic situation that French Muslims may face after the publication of these new instructions.

Putin takes a holiday in Siberia

Mmmm ...

Russian strongman Vladimir Putin has released 'tough guy' propaganda images as he launches a terrifying new campaign to silence critics of his authoritarian regime - six of whom live in Britain. An anonymous Russian intelligence officer who warned Salisbury novichok victim Sergei Skripal was being targeted by the Kremlin has spoken out to warn dissidents they are on the 'kill list'. The six anti-Putin opponents who are living in Britain include businessman Bill Browder and former MI6 officer Christopher Steele, whose dodgy Trump dossier made him a household name.


Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni to be locked up at home for one year. 


Nicolas Sarkozy, the former French president, is sentenced to one year home detention for offering a bribe to a judge for information.

Former President Donald Trump is coming back to social media -- but this time with his own network, a Trump spokesperson told Fox News on Sunday.

Jason Miller, a long-time adviser and spokesperson for Trump's 2020 campaign told Howard Kurtz on Fox's "MediaBuzz" that Trump will be "returning to social media in probably about two or three months." He added Trump's return will be with "his own platform" that will attract "tens of millions" of new users and "completely redefine the game."


Meanwhile a grumpy Donald Trump smashes his club into the ground after a disappointing swing in front of fellow golfers on Sunday. He was seen thrusting his club into the ground in an apparent fit of rage.


Concern over 'do not resuscitate' decisions during pandemic in UK


Individuals' human rights may have been breached in more than 500 cases where "do not resuscitate" decisions were made during the Covid pandemic, the care watchdog for England has said.


Some 508 'do not attempt resuscitation' (DNAR) decisions made since March 2020 were not agreed in discussion with the person or their family, a report found.


An NHS spokesman said decisions should be made in consultation with families…..


A Liberal staffer has been sacked after a leak of “disgusting” images and videos of male senior government staff performing sex acts in Parliament House.


One of the images shows a man sitting at a desk and exposing himself, with a copy of the Parliament House rule book behind him.  Another showed a male pointing to the desk of a female Liberal MP, before performing a solo sex act on it………….

The place has gone to rack and ruin. Fire the lot of them, they are only sponging off the taxpayers. What is wrong with the male species? I have never ever read about women cavorting around Parliament or anywhere else or  photographing themselves in sexual acts. 

Yes HOLA, I agree -- and I wonder what the GG's job is all about -- IMO he should be looking into this rotten government and SACKING THE BLEEDING LOT

Morrison is not a leader ----  and could not even run a chook raffle


He --- Morrison -- is full of talk -- no action --  like a car salesman or estate agent --and as trustworthy



Kate Fotheringham and Wayne Bell on Gloucester Road in Wingham, NSW on Monday. ‘It took three months to plan the wedding, 12 hours for it go to hell and six hours for it come together again,’ Fotheringham says. Photograph: Amanda Hibbard

“I had accepted the fact it was going to be raining and I was wearing gumboots, but I didn’t know how I was going to deal with a one-in-a-hundred-year flood and a natural disaster” Kate said

:) A truly unique wedding photo.

That looks like some roads around here


Tourists make their way towards Saint Catherine's Monastery after watching the sunrise on top of Mount Moses, Saint Catherine city, South Sinai, Egypt. Photograph: Khaled Elfiqi/EPA


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 Mount Sinai  is a mountain on the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt.  (It may possibly be the same as the biblical Mount Sinai, the place where, according to the Bible, Moses received the Ten Commandments)

Wonderful setting.


People gather at the volcanic site on the Reykjanes Peninsula following Friday's eruption in Iceland, March 21, 2021.


Drone footage captures lava gushing from Reykjanes Peninsula volcano following eruption.

Visitors flock to a street under blooming cherry blossoms near Jiming Temple in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, China. Photograph: Stringer/Reuters

Beautiful blossoms.

The amount of people pictured makes the banning of overseas spectators at the Tokyo Olympic Games due to COVID-19 seem a bit at odds to me.

I agree RnR

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