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The Beach boys in a recording studio in 1962



MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia on Wednesday called its ambassador to the United States back to Moscow for consultations on the future of U.S.-Russia ties after U.S. President Joe Biden said Vladimir Putin would “pay a price” for alleged election meddling.

President Biden has said that Andrew Cuomo should resign if sexual harassment allegations against him are confirmed, piling pressure on the embattled New York governor who was until recently seen as a leading light in the Democratic Party.

 Abu Jakka Farhan, a truffle hunter, is pushed in a wheelchair as he searches for truffles in the desert in Samawa, Iraq.  Reuters/Alaa Al-Marjan


Thanks Toot. I'd never heard of desert truffles before.

Desert truffles, as the name suggests, predominantly grow in the desert. They have been found in arid and semi-arid zones of the Kalahari desert, the Mediterranean basin, Kurdistan, Syria, Azerbaijan, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, the Negev desert in Israel, the Sahara, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Libya, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, Croatia, and China. They can be formed near Sunrose plants, but they are very rare to find and can't be cultivated thus justifying their cost.

Learning to hunt for truffles in Iraq these days also involves understanding the desert’s dangers including wolves and land mines.  Remnants from the Gulf War in 1991, unexploded devices beneath the earth could be mistaken for truffles by the inexperienced eye. Fetching its hunters up to $7 a kilo this year, Iraq’s desert truffle is cheaper than its rarer European cousins that can cost hundreds of dollars or more a kilo.

Me either RnR, we learn something every day.????

The Senator review – an easy ride for Ted Kennedy

2 out of 5 stars.


Jason Clarke plays the youngest Kennedy brother, self-pityingly facing prosecution and trying to salvage his political career, in this over-lenient film


I learned a great lesson from Chappaquiddick … don’t drive over narrow bridges when you’re pissed out of your mind.” This gag from the BBC’s 1970s sketch show Not the Nine O’Clock News, with Griff Rhys Jones playing a sombre Ted Kennedy, perfectly encapsulates his cynicism and self-pity. It seems to me more apposite than this lenient movie about Chappaquiddick, which now belatedly appears in the UK, starring Jason Clarke as Kennedy, scripted by first-time feature writers Taylor Allen and Andrew Logan, and directed by John Curran.

While driving back in darkness from a party at Chappaquiddick Island in Massachusetts in July 1969, Kennedy’s car went off a narrow bridge into the water. Kennedy swam clear, but his passenger drowned: Mary Jo Kopechne, a woman who had worked as a researcher for his late brother Bobby. Having failed to report the incident for eight hours and toyed with the idea of claiming Mary Jo was driving, Kennedy finally admitted to leaving the scene of an accident, accepted a suspended two-year sentence and gave a televised address claiming he hadn’t been drinking and there was no impropriety with Kopechne. The US had no great appetite for spoiling the moon-landing euphoria with a political scandal, or spoiling the tragic Kennedy mystique . So the media and political classes suppressed their distaste and embarrassment, allowing Kennedy to plough on with his long but undistinguished senatorial career and a failed bid for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1980.


I remember this incident very well, it takes a certain type of human being to do what he did IMO

Former solicitor-general to defend ABC

Former Commonwealth solicitor-general Justin Gleeson, SC, will head the legal team defending the ABC against a Federal Court defamation suit filed against it by Attorney-General Christian Porter, in a major coup for the broadcaster.

Mr Gleeson’s appointment adds significant firepower to the ABC’s defence team, which also includes experienced Victorian defamation barrister Renee Enbom, SC, who acted for actor Rebel Wilson, and Sydney barrister Clarissa Amato, who is well-versed in acting for media defendants including Nine and the ABC.

A trial date has not yet been set. The ABC is to file its written defence by May 4 and a reply from Mr Porter’s lawyers is due on May 11.

I wonder who is paying his legal bills?  I noticed some Solicitors advertise - No Win, No Pay. 

Good question Hola, would love to know.

Both ABC and Porter are on the Taxpayer payroll ... no guessing as to who will pay.

"Both ABC and Porter are on the Taxpayer payroll ... no guessing as to who will pay."

Sadly, have to agree Suze.

Well will be us the taxpayers that's for sure --

Advantage Christian Porter in the defamation trial of the century





Just who are the key players in the attorney-general's case against the ABC?


The ABC took great pains not to mention Porter in its article on February 26, but that may not matter. His lawyers have pieced together website traffic, Twitter posts, Milligan’s last Four Corners episode, and interventions from Malcolm Turnbull to show Porter was identifiable.


“To establish identification, you only need to prove that it’s been identified to one person who reasonably identifies a plaintiff,” University of Sydney media law expert David Rolph said.


If Porter can establish this, the ABC and Milligan are in trouble.

“[The statement of claim is] designed to force the ABC to give up and settle, or take on the challenge of running a rape case on the balance of probabilities,” Marque Lawyers managing partner and Crikey contributor Michael Bradley said.


A truth defence, as teased in Porter’s statement of claim, would put the onus on the ABC’s lawyers to prove the imputations pleaded — that Porter brutally anally raped a 16-year-old girl in 1988 — are substantially true……


Kim Novak in 2015. She recalled waking up dazed and naked after a party in 1958


Kim Novak has accused the actor Tony Curtis of spiking her drink at a Hollywood party, saying that she woke up dazed and naked.

The star of Vertigo recalled having one drink at a party in 1958 hosted by Curtis, who died in 2010 aged 85.

Novak, 89, told The Hollywood Reporter: “Tony Curtis had brought me a drink. I don’t know, I only had, I think, one drink there. But that’s the last thing I knew. I do not know anything afterward, cross my heart, hope to die. Don’t know what happened after that or how my car got back in front of my apartment.”



I had no idea she was still alive, she looks wonderful if the above picture is true.  Remember her and William Holden in Picnic?  OMG


Curtis died back in 2010 ... anything to get into limelight.

So much "history" with so many.

Police investigating the vanishing of Russell Hill, 74, and Carol Clay, 73, from Victoria's Wonnangatta Valley in March 2020 revealed they are 'very close' to cracking the case. 

Just one car seen in the area at the time - a white ute - remains unaccounted for, along with the couple's sleeping bags, prompting speculation they may have been used as body bags.

Where are they?


This case seems to have been going for ages. Hope they get to the bottom of it soon.

I wonder if it has anything to do with his missing drone, maybe he saw something he shouldn't have.

Yes that is very strange

Canada may give mentally ill right to assisted suicide

David Lametti, the Canadian justice minister, centre, said the law would respect people’s autonomy while protecting the vulnerable

Canada has expanded the scope of its laws on medically assisted death to include people whose demise is not foreseeable and opened the door for the mentally ill to have the procedure.

The law, given royal assent on Wednesday, revamps assisted death in Canada and comes as assisted suicide is legalised in Spain, fulfilling a pledge by Pedro Sánchez, the prime minister. The changes make euthanasia legal in Canada, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Switzerland and several US states.

I wish Australia was a forward thinking country like Canada on this touchy subject, only one state has had the guts to make it legal, but you have to be on your last legs in agony before it's allowed.  Hope you can see this documentary about an Australian woman aged 90, healthy, who goes to Switzerland to Digitas to end her life.Laura’s choice


Yes Toot I saw that the other night, they must have had a lot of money as they were traveling all over the place --hey good on them --- but I think she was going to end up in  to die in Switzerland 


Darn ridiculous that we have to suffer terribly when we can put our beloved pets out of misery and they die in your arms, I am all for assisted dying

It will probably become law long after we are dead and buried PlanB, worse luck.

Sydney’s main supply dam, Warragamba Dam has reached capacity and has begun spilling.


Good to see but that used to also bring floods to a few suburbs around there too

Hope things don't get as bad as further up the coast.

Yes they are REAL bad further up the coast I have friends that are trapped in Taree, they have to get back to Victoria and others to Weipa

Application to join the Australian Labor party.

He wanted to join the Labor Party

The rain has been terrible. I saw on the news that house floating down the Manning River belonged to a couple who were supposed to be getting married that day. Now they have lost their home and contents, their car and their beloved dog. What bad luck.  

Hi Hola, so far we've had 9 1/4 inches in our rain gauge, daughter lives near Pitt Town which is inundated but her house it above the flood line thank goodness.

Look at this idiot yesterday


Glad your daughter is OK there are so many in great trouble -- lots of floods here as well and roads washed out but I am OK thank goodness.


Re that fool -- honestly, they should be fined as they put other lives at risk because of their idiocy

Yes the rain has been relentless Hola.

Glad you and your daughter are OK Toot, and you too PlanB.

It has been teeming here on the Gold Cast all night and still doing so this morning. I'm OK.



"Departure", installed in the park near the library in Loveland, CO, is a life size bronze sculpture by the American artistGeorge Lundeen. According to the artist, "The original piece came from a sketch I did in the Rome train station.



That's  such a lovely natural statue Toot

Thanks PB, are you likely to get washed out in this awful rain?

Lovely statue, thanks Toot.

I think I will be OK as I am on a hill but there are many roads washed out in and around the area and landslips as well.

There are others in lower-lying areas that are flooded and the road into town is a real mess as I had to be there the other day for my other eye check and it was a horror, floods everywhere and roads were shocking with the huge potholes and the rain was horrific -- we got 7 inches in 3 days


Thanks for asking Toot, are you OK also RnR and everyone else -- where is Foxy these days


Not sure about Foxy, also wondering if Celia is okay.


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