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The Beach boys in a recording studio in 1962


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Paul Bedard raises a nine foot alligator over his head in a pool in Parkland, Florida.  The unwanted visitor had entered the resident’s pool overnight. The animal trapper who is contracted with the state’s nuisance alligator program says he corralled the alligator by playing with it until it got tired.  Photo from 2019


Very glad I don't have visitors like that in my pool.

Hate reptiles!


The Five Power Defence Arrangements (FPDA) member-nations — Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United Kingdom — marked 50 years of the defence pact with a flypast and naval display off waters near Marina South on Oct 18, 2021.ST PHOTO: KUA CHEE SIONG



People visit a market place with floral decoration in Lahore, Pakistan, on Oct 17, 2021 ahead of the celebrations for Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi which is the birthday of Prophet Mohammad. PHOTO: AFP

Such intricate decorations ... beautiful.

Search continues for 4 year old Cleo Smith


Cleo Smith, 4, was last seen in her family's tent at a campsite north of Carnarvon on Saturday.  (Supplied: WA Police)



An air, land and sea search was launched over the weekend, with state emergency service (SES) crews from Carnarvon, Shark Bay, Kalbarri and Geraldton joining police.   In total, 22 SES volunteers joined the search along with community volunteers, with helicopters, drones and an Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) jet providing aerial support.

Marine search and rescue volunteers and fisheries officers have also been searching nearby waters.  Detectives from Perth, Carnarvon and Geraldton have been examining the area, along with forensics officers from Perth….



Strange case ... sadly I don't hold out many hopes for a happy ending.

Police are now focusing their efforts on investigating the “worst case scenario” - that little Cleo was abducted from the tent while her family lay sleeping, with a complex criminal investigation underway.

They have also admitted that she may have been taken interstate by now.



At the Himba of Namibia in Southern Africa, the date of birth of a child is fixed, not at the time of its arrival in the world, nor in its design, but much earlier: since the day the child is thought in His Mother's mind.?

When a woman decides she's going to have a child, she settle down and rests under a tree, and she listens until she can hear the song of the child who wants to be born. And after she hears this child's song, she comes back to the man who will be the father of the child to teach him that song. And then, when they make love to physically design the child, they sing the song of the child, to invite him.

When the mother is pregnant, she teaches the singing of this child to the midwives and older women of the village. So, when the child is born, old women and people around him sing his song to welcome him.

As the child grows, the other villagers learn his song. So if the child falls, or gets hurt, he always finds someone to pick him up and sing his song. Similarly, if the child does something wonderful, or successfully passes through the rites of passage, the people of the village sing his song to honor him.

In the tribe, there is another opportunity where villagers sing for the child. If, at any time during his life, the person commits an aberrant crime or social act, the individual is called in the center of the village and the people of the community form a circle around him. Then they sing his song.

The tribe recognizes that the correction of antisocial behavior does not pass through punishment, it is by love and reminder of identity. When you recognize your own song, you don't want or need to do anything that would harm the other.
? And the same way through their lives. In Marriage, songs are sung together.?

And when, getting old, this child is lying in his bed, ready to die, all the villagers know his song, and they sing, for the last time, his song. 

Via Robby Bellastoria.



A woman looks at the Empire State Building and the New York skyline during a preview of SUMMIT One Vanderbilt observation deck, which is spread across the top four floor of the new One Vanderbilt tower in midtown Manhattan, New York City. 18 October 2021. Reuters

Wow ... that's some view.


Cast member Angelina Jolie poses at the premiere of the film “Eternals” in Los Angeles, California.  Reuters


A worker sanitizes a chapel inside the building of the Leningradsky railway station in Moscow, Russia

Things not good there ...

With only about a third of Russia's 146 million people vaccinated against COVID-19, the country has hovered near 1,000 reported deaths per day for weeks and surpassed it on Saturday. With a record 1,015 fatalities reported Tuesday, the country's death toll is now 225,325 — by far the highest in Europe, even though most experts agree even that figure is an undercount.

Jacob Sharvit, director of the Marine Archaeology Unit of the Israel Antiquities Authority, holds a 1m-long sword that experts say dates back to the Crusades. The diver was given a certificate of appreciation for turning over the 900-year-old item. Photograph: Ariel Schalit/AP



New judges and others attend a swearing-in ceremony before Egypt's State Council, in Cairo. Ninety-eight women have become the first female judges to join the council, one of the country's main judicial bodies. Photograph: Tarek Wajeh/AP



The 96-year-old defendant Irmgard F sits in an ambulance chair as she arrives in a courtroom in Itzehoe, Germany. The woman is charged with more than 11,000 counts of accessory to murder. Prosecutors argue she was part of the apparatus that helped the Nazi camp function more than 75 years ago. Photograph: Christian Charisius/DPA via AP


What these prosecutors fail to understand back in those days if you did not do as you were told, you would be dead.

So  you had a choice of me or them.

Is this just a Jewish payback whether just or not ???


Difference between a Crocodile (top), a Caiman (middle) , and an Alligator (below). By Kevin Enge 

Revolting creatures yuck!

Saw quite a few of them when we visited WA and the NT a few years back ... such huge teeth and so clever and sneaky as well.

No wonder they have survived the millennia.

That reminds me RnR when we were having a holiday at Broome, we he heard that a croc had swum up the ocean from the northern area and walked across the beach onto the road!

They do this apparently and have to be put back!

After that it put me off going up to Broome it is such a lovely holiday for a week or five days too.

We were over in your neck of the woods RnR, husband was at a conference and I was left with five ladies and the car!  Where can we go?  It was a flight from Perth to  Sydney then Sydney to Townsville and then drove down to Yappoon.  Now what do you do with ladies there for five days? Visit Croc Farms!  LOL


SEATTLESix Seattle Police Department employees are being let go in light of the statewide vaccine mandate, and 103 are waiting on religious and medical exemptions, according to officials.


Most SPD workers—sworn and civilian—are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Six chose not to comply with the mandate, and the city says the "separation process" is underway with them, including a legal meeting. The 103 employees waiting on exemptions are currently on paid time off while the department works out what accommodations to make for them coming back.


The last photograph of Lenin was in May 1923, months before he died, with his doctor and his sister.

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