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The Beach boys in a recording studio in 1962


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A red deer stag bellows at sunrise during the rutting (breeding) season which takes place during autumn, in Bushy Park, south west London, Wednesday 13 October 2021. 


AP Photo/Matt Dunham


Great photo, thanks Toot.


Being at the right place at the right time with the camera!

How many times do we see a good shot available and the camera is in the car?

SPACE MISSION: Jeff Bezos greets William Shatner as he emerges from the capsule after landing following the New Shepard NS-18 mission to space near Van Horn, Texas, USA. The mission carried Shatner along with Audrey Powers, Chris Boshuizen and Glen de Vries. Photograph: Blue Origin/EPA

What an experience.


Canadian firefighters seal an oil well in Kuwait after Iraqi sabotage during the Gulf War, 1991

Such a dramatic shot.

Reminds me of a movie back in the 59s which I cannot remember the name of!

Did it have Rock Hudson in I am thinking?

I often wonder when we take all this oil and gas out of the planet what happens to the planet?  It must leave a cavernous whole?

Tesla is most widely known for his contributions to the development of the modern AC electric supply system and as an early pioneer of many of the technologies that shaped the second half of the 20th century.

Like many people with OCD, Tesla was particularly concerned with germs, cleanliness and avoiding disease.   According to Smithsonian Magazine, he obsessively washed his hands, and in his later life ensured that all his food was boiled before he would touch it.  He often refused to shake hands when he met someone, and usually wore gloves to avoid any physical contact with people he met.

Nikola Tesla, with his equipment for producing high-frequency alternating currents. Dickenson V. Alley, Wellcome Collection.

Tesla was born in what is now Croatia on a summer night in 1856, during what he claimed was a lightning storm – which led the midwife to say, “He will be a child of the storm,” and his mother to counter prophetically, “No, of the light.” As a student, Tesla displayed such remarkable abilities to calculate mathematical problems that teachers accused him of cheating. During his teen years, he fell seriously ill, recovering once his father abandoned his demand that Nikola become a priest and agreed he could attend engineering school instead.

Doctors leave a man to die, honoring his DNR tattoo-Florida 2017


A recent New England Journal of Medicine article presented a case in which a “Do Not Resuscitate” (DNR) tattoo (see Figure 1) created an ethical dilemma for the emergency and critical care physicians caring for the patient, who were guided by a questionable recommendation from their ethics consultants.1 The unknown patient presented to the emergency department unconscious and in critical condition. “Do Not Resuscitate” was tattooed across his anterior chest wall, accompanied by his presumed signature.


Without the guidance of next of kin or advanced directive paperwork, the health care team initially decided not to honor the DNR tattoo. However, they later reversed their decision and honored the tattoo after an ethics consultation. The ethics consultants concluded that the tattoo could be presumed to represent the patient’s authentic preferences and that the “law is sometimes not nimble enough to support patient-centered care and respect for patients’ best interest.” The conclusion of the ethics consultants should not set a precedent for future similar cases, as the DNR tattoo was neither legally nor ethically sufficient to guide medical care.

……………This research has revealed that Australian patients are at risk from doctors who do not understand laws regarding the withholding and withdrawing of life-sustaining medical treatment. This research was based on a survey of 867 Australian doctors and found ‘‘critical gaps’’ in their legal knowledge that could expose them to criminal charges including murder, manslaughter or assault if they act against a patient’s wishes………….


Kabul, Afghanistan

Taliban members drive through the city centre

Photograph: Bülent K?l?ç/AFP/Getty Images


An aggressive looking bunch.

New York

Nelson Mandela’s shirts are displayed before a charity auction

Photograph: Carlo Allegri/Reuters

Very ornate.

Mexico City, Mexico

A reptile collector, Jaime Sanchez, holds a seven-year-old green anaconda and one of its 19 snakelets, all of which were born in captivity. The snake species, native to South America, is the heaviest in the world

Photograph: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

They certainly are a huge snake.

The heaviest anaconda ever recorded was 227 kilograms. This massive snake was 8.43 metres long, with a girth of 1.11 metres.

Sydney, Australia

A koala cub at Wild Life Sydney zoo. After 109 days of closure, Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, Madame Tussauds Sydney and the zoo have reopened

Photograph: Mark Evans/Getty Images


What a lovely photo.

:) Made me smile today Toot.


Lebanese army special forces soldiers assist teachers as they flee their school after deadly clashes erupted nearby along a former 1975-90 civil war front-line between Muslim Shiite and Christian areas at Ain el-Remaneh neighborhood, in Beirut, Lebanon.


Such a troubled city ...

Street violence in addition to the power grid being shut down.

Lebanon’s national electricity grid collapses.

Almost six million people are waiting for hospital treatment in England, with doctors warning that the NHS will soon only be able to focus on patients who are critically unwell.  A record 5.7 million people in England were waiting to start routine treatment at the end of August.

Source:  The Times


What a disgrace.

The Kaiser's declaration of war against Great Britain being read by the military authorities. Berlin, Germany, 4 August 1914.

What an historic photo.


This is what a legal, outdoor Marijuana farm in the Midwest looks like.  It's called the Grasshopper Farms in Michigan.  They have around 4,500 plants and continue to grow.




One vital detail may have been overlooked in the rollout of the VaxPass for NSW residents on Friday, according to a digital privacy expert.  There is no photo.


Without the inclusion of photo ID, unvaccinated members of the public could easily use someone else’s phone, or even someone else’s login details, to gain access to a venue……


"Without the inclusion of photo ID, unvaccinated members of the public could easily use someone else’s phone, ..."

Sadly I'm sure many will take advantage of this loophole.


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