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The Beach boys in a recording studio in 1962


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The remains found at a campground near Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park are those of missing blogger Gabby Petito, an autopsy confirmed Tuesday.

The Teton County coroner in Wyoming confirmed the remains are those of Petito, 22, and initially determined her manner of death was homicide. But the coroner, Dr. Brent Blue, did not disclose a cause of death "pending final autopsy results," the FBI said in a statement.


This case has got me hooked, looks bad for the boyfriend

Big search on now ... wonder if authorities will find him and if he's still alive.

Angry letters from Prince Albert to Queen Victoria that their daughter tried to hide have been made available online. They reveal the couple had been arguing a month after Victoria had given birth to their eighth child in 1853.

Queen Victoria had accused Prince Albert of being unfeeling towards her. Albert said these accusations were “groundlessness and an injustice” and when he didn’t respond and remained silent, she became enraged and began to shout at him. When she asked him why he remained silent he said he believed it would have been rash to “reason with a person in a state of excitement” preferring the option of turning “a deaf ear” to her attacks.

He continued in the letter: “I have no choice but to leave you when I see the conversation taking this turn. I leave the room and retire to my own in order to give you time to recover yourself, then you follow me to renew the dispute and to have it all out.”

Writing of her wedding night, the Queen said: “My dearest dearest dear Albert . . . his excessive love & affection gave me feelings of heavenly love & happiness I never could have hoped to have felt before!.

Great story ... love the many stories of their relationship.

Members of The Druid Order celebrated the autumn equinox yesterday with a service to mark the arrival of the harvest. Photo: EPA

The group descended upon Primrose Hill, north west London near Chalk Farm Tube station, to hold their traditional annual ceremony - which dates back to 1717.  Dressed in their traditional white robes, the procession of Druids head towards the top of the hill before forming into a circle and performing the ancient ceremony.


The autumn equinox, which normally occurs between September 22 and 24, is a brief event when the sun appears to shine directly over the equator, and daytime and nighttime are nearly equal lengths all around the world.  

Very dramatic photo, thanks Toot.


Bokakhat, India
Seized rhino horns are set on fire near Kaziranga national park on World Rhino Day

Photograph: Anuwar Hazarika/Reuters

So sad this needs to be done.

The liner "Queen Elizabeth" bringing American troops into NY Harbor at the end of WW II, 1945.


Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary were used as troop transports during the Second World War. Their high speeds allowed them to outrun hazards, principally German U-boats, usually allowing them to travel without a convoy. Her carrying capacity was over 15,000 troops and over 900 crew. During her war service as a troopship, Queen Elizabeth carried more than 750,000 troops, and she also sailed some 500,000 miles (800,000 km).

The voyage would take about 5-7 days on average to go from the East Coast of the US to the British Isles while bringing troops to Europe. It looks crowded because everyone is on deck as it is pulling into the harbor (look at the top of the picture).

What a wonderful photo ... many thanks.

It is a great photo Toot - I've never seen so many people on a ship.

Marlow, Germany
German Chancellor Angela Merkel reacts as she gets bitten while feeding Australian lorises at Marlow Bird Park. Photograph: Georg Wendt/dpa.


Germans vote on Sunday in elections that will ultimately bring down the curtain on Angela Merkel’s final term as chancellor of Germany, after 16 years in power.

An amazing career after her childhood in East Berlin.

At school Merkel learned to speak Russian fluently, and was awarded prizes for her proficiency in Russian and mathematics. She studied physics from 1973 to 1978 at the Karl Marx University in Leipzig. Then worked and studied at the Central Institute for Physical Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences in Berlin-Adlershof from 1978 to 1990. At first she and her husband squatted in Mitte. After being awarded a doctorate for her thesis on quantum chemistry in 1986, she worked as a researcher and published several papers.

The fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989 served as the catalyst for Merkel's political career. Although she did not participate in the crowd celebrations the night the wall came down, one month later Merkel became involved in the growing democracy movement, joining the new party Democratic Awakening.

Merkel has been variously described as the de facto leader of the European Union and the most powerful woman in the world.

And her husband!

Image result for husband of the chancellor of germany photo    Joachim Sauer  

Hong Kong, China

Pro-democracy activist Alexandra Wong demonstrates outside West Kowloon court where 47 pro-democracy defendants appear charged with conspiracy to commit subversion

Photograph: Isaac Lawrence/AFP/Getty


Brave woman ... I suppose she'll be arrested next.

Milton Keynes, England

A resident picks up a delivery from an autonomous robot delivering groceries from a nearby Co-op supermarket.  Photograph: Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty

:) At least that drone isn't being attacked by the local wildlife like here in Canberra LOL.

Benjamin Anthony Roberts said ravens have begun attacking his drones used to power his coffee delivery service in Canberra.

'Territorial' ravens disrupt surge in Wing drone deliveries under Canberra's lockdown.


A Palestinian man rides his donkey cart past a building that was destroyed during the recent 11-day war between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas movement, in Gaza City, on 23 September, 2021.



Mmmm ... the never ending war.

Brendan Russell is on trial for charges including manslaughter, female genital mutilation and causing grievous bodily harm. Picture: NCA NewsWire / James Gourley

A mother has recalled the horror at seeing a gaping “yellow and green” wound on her daughter’s hand after she had a silicon snowflake implanted under her skin by a NSW body modifier.

Just three days later the young woman was dead, allegedly from septicaemia. “Her left ear was blue, her lips were blue and her right hand, her fingers were nearly black.” ………………

People are strange what would posses you to have a silicon chip implanted ?

It is not as if she was a crazed teenager.

Poor woman ... it amazes me what healthy people do to implant and disfigure their bodies ...

AND all by practitioners who have no medical qualifications whatsoever.

In this undated file photo released by the Taiwan Ministry of Defense, a Chinese PLA J-16 fighter jet flies in an undisclosed location. (Taiwan Ministry of Defense via AP)


TAIPEI, TAIWAN -- China sent 24 fighter jets toward Taiwan in a large display of force yesterday (Thursday), after the self-governing island announced its intention to join an 11-nation Pacific trade group that China has also applied to join.

China's People's Liberation Army flew fighter jets toward Taiwan twice on Thursday, once in the morning with 19 planes, and once in the afternoon with five more. Taiwan deployed air patrol forces in response to the Chinese jets and tracked them on its air defense systems, the island's Defense Ministry said in a statement.


China is becoming so pushy ... sick to death of their posturing and expansion.


A fake neighborhood on top of the Boeing factory to deter possible air attacks during WWII. King County, Washington. Circa 1944 

Quite amazing, thanks Toot.

On the roof of Boeing Plant 2, camouflage trees and structures were shorter than a person.

Entry to the factory.

The issue of whether or not Andrew had been notified about the case – known as service of proceedings – was contested during the first pre-trial hearing of the civil case last week in New York. 

But it has now been confirmed the papers were served on 21 September. The duke has until 29 October to provide a response.  Court documents show that lawyers for both sides spoke on 21 September and the time for the duke to respond was extended.

Nauru detention centre.  Photograph: AP

Australia will continue its policy of offshore processing of asylum seekers indefinitely, with the home affairs minister signing a new agreement with Nauru to maintain “an enduring form” of offshore processing on the island state.

With the number of refugees continuing to flood Europe via the Mediterranean, the UK via the English channel and the US via its southern borders ... I can well understand the government's stance.

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