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The Beach boys in a recording studio in 1962


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Great pic, thanks RnR



Glad to see you back Toot :)



Thanks Suze


The federal attorney general, Christian Porter, will delegate functions relating to the federal court and the ABC when he returns to work to prevent any perception of a conflict of interest.  Scott Morrison revealed the new ministerial arrangements in question time on Tuesday after the attorney general’s office announced he would return to work on 31 March.

Porter has launched a defamation case against the ABC and journalist Louise Milligan. Guardian Australia understands the attorney general will also not be responsible for defamation law reform upon his return.

Source:  Guardian Australia

Senator Marise Payne during Question Time in the Senate on February 22, 2021. Picture: Sam Mooy/Getty Images.Source:Getty Images


Our Minister for Women, Marise Payne, didn’t attend the march. Despite this being the largest women’s march in generations, despite 90,000 of her constituents signing the petition being delivered to Parliament House, despite the overwhelming rage and despair felt by women around the country, she declined to make an appearance.

Boomer couple convicted of $6m fraud


Therese O'Brien and Mark O'Brien arrive at the Downing Centre court in Sydney for an earlier hearing in December, 2020. Picture: Joel Carrett/NCA NewsWireSource:News Corp Australia


The wife of a disgraced lawyer from Sydney’s eastern suburbs almost collapsed in court today as her husband was sentenced to at least six years in prison for masterminding the theft of more than $6 million from the estates of elderly women, most of which had been intended for charities.


The boomer couple spent the ill-gotten gains on luxury homes and furniture – and to top up their self managed superannuation fund.


Also a part of the multimillion-dollar plot, Therese O’Brien was sentenced to three years imprisonment but will be able to serve that as an intensive correction order including 500 hours community service…………


Boy, there sure are some downright crooked people in politics.

My dear Mother was dead right when she said to our Dr that was thinking of going into politics

"Doctor, you CAN NOT be an honest person and a politician"         she was dead right




Sir Elton John has accused the Vatican of hypocrisy after it banned priests from blessing same-sex unions while “happily making a profit” from his 2019 biopic Rocketman.


The British musician claimed that the Catholic Church had made handsome returns after “investing millions” in the film, which ends with the singer finding happiness through his marriage to David Furnish. John was an executive producer.


The Vatican issued a decree this week telling priests that it was “illicit” to bless same-sex unions or marriages and God “cannot bless sin”. The ruling came five months after Pope Francis endorsed civil unions as a way for gay people to “be in a family”.


Good on Elton,  the Vatican doesn't seem to bother about the pedophilia in it 

IF that is not a sin I do not know what is!

BTW hi Toot/RnR and Suze

Hi PlanB, hope you are well.

:) Hi back PlanB.

GREAT EXPECTATIONS: Staff at Christie's auction house prepare to present a painting entitled Femme nue couchée au collier, by Spanish artist Pablo Picasso, at Christie's auction house, London. The painting is expected to fetch €10-€15 million at an auction scheduled for March 23rd. Photograph: Andy Rrain/EPA






Picasso hated women

"Women," Pablo Picasso once proclaimed, "are machines for suffering." Throughout his lifetime, he did his best to prove that true. Compulsively unfaithful, Picasso collected models, slept with them, and brutalized them, alternating icy control — he demanded submissiveness in all things, and warned one woman, Francoise Gilot, that as far as he was concerned, women were "either goddesses or doormats" — with horrific physical violence. Picasso pinned Gilot to a bridge railing and threatened to throw her into the river for seeming "ungrateful;" when she tried to leave, he held a lit cigarette to her cheek to brand her. He forced Dora Maar to physically fight Marie-Therese Walter, the mother of his child, for his affections — he stayed in the room throughout the brawl, painting — and beat Maar into unconsciousness himself on at least one occasion.


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 Picasso and his wife


What a horrible man.  If you watched 4Corners on Monday night, you would know we have another man who thinks just like him living here among us.

Yes sure was a horrid person --


Also re the painting I always wonder about these paintings done by these 'famous ' people   -- there are none that I would even want to have in my home -- yet they are worth millions!?   I can not understand why -- such as   'blue poles'     looks like a child has gone crazy with the paint


does anyone else feel the same --

I have recorded the  4 corners toot

I agree that that bloke on the 4 corners was a real evil SOB BUT how the dickens can any woman get hooked into such a life??!!



Farrow v Allen Documentary

This documentary shows Mia to be a generous, kind woman who has suffered so much at the hands of Woody Allen, she didn't deserve it IMO.



Ronan Farrow


Farrow and Sinatra’s romance started like so many other Hollywood romances. The pair met on the set of a movie. While filming Von Ryan's Express, the couple fell for each other.  Sinatra was nearing 50 and had already been married twice before, including to Ava Gardener. Farrow was a 19-year-old virgin who made a name for herself in Hollywood after spending a few years modeling. 


Sinatra died in 1998, 30 years after he and Farrow parted ways. Sinatra spent more than 20 years with his fourth wife, Barbara Sinatra. Still, rumors about the friendship, and possible love affair, that Sinatra and Farrow shared after their divorce persist. It’s rumored that Ronan Farrow, Farrow’s son with Allen, might actually be Sinatra’s biological child. Farrow hasn’t exactly denied it, and the resemblance is uncanny.

She always looks wistful to me. Wonder why she went for the older men.

• 19 July 1966 — married singer Frank Sinatra. Farrow was 21 years old; Sinatra 50.
• 10 September 1970 — married conductor and composer André Previn . She was 25, and he was 41.
• 1980 — began a relationship with film director Woody Allen. She was 35, he was 45.

Was looking her up and came upon allegations made about her by her children ... interesting.'s_allegations


March 16, 1937 - Amelia Earhart receiving her last haircut from barber Walter Grieben at the Tribune Barber Shop in Oakland CA - Earhart disappeared July 2, 1937 over the Pacific Ocean in her attempt at becoming the first female to complete a circumnavigational flight of the globe


UK UBer drivers to get minimum wage, holiday pay and pensions


Former Uber drivers James Farrar and Yaseen Asiam spearheaded a battle that began six years ago to grand Uber driver workers status.



The ride-hailing app giant said drivers would earn at least the UK's National Living Wage, paid to the over-25s, of £8.72 an hour.


It comes one month after the US firm lost a legal battle in the UK, begun in 2016, over drivers' status.


Uber told the BBC it did not expect the change in drivers' conditions to mean higher fares.


Union leaders and employment experts said Uber's move would have far reaching consequences for the gig economy. Bates Wells lawyer Rachel Mathieson, who represented Uber drivers fighting for worker rights, called it "a very significant milestone"…….



8.72 GBP is $15.65 Australian, so how is the driver expected to pay for petrol, insurance, registration etc. and still come out on top?

Pfizer sees ‘opportunity’ to hike price for COVID-19 vaccine

Pfizer is currently charging the US government $19.50 per dose of the vaccine.PEDRO PARDO/AFP via Getty Images

..........For instance, Pfizer is charging the US government $19.50 per dose — well below the $150 or $175 per dose it typically pulls in for a vaccine, D’Amelio said on the company’s February earnings call........

A white rhino being dehorned in Thanda Safari Game Reserve, South Africa to avoid being killed by poachers.

Gold prize in nature photojournalism, Photograph:  Gunther De Bruyne

So tragic it has come to this to deter poachers.

I started to watch the show on trophy hunters by that English chap Louie ???  IMO ANYONE that would even think of killing these wonderful pure animals in Africa -- or anywhere else is pure and utter evil and deserve to rot in HELL

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