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The Beach boys in a recording studio in 1962


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Lviv, Ukraine

Ukrainian children say goodbye to relatives before boarding buses for their trip to France.  About 70 children of Ukrainian defenders and internally displaced people, departed for France for a summer break, paid for by the host, as the invasion continues. Photograph: Mykola Tys/EPA


The Albanese government's plan would allow people over the age of 66 and six months to work extra hours and earn an income without losing their aged pension entitlement.

Sounds like an excellent improvement.

Matthew Brian Ramsay


The mother-of-two who was stabbed in the chest at her home allegedly paid a $10,000 rehabilitation bill for the high-flying real estate agent and close family friend accused of trying to kill her. 

Dover Heights couple Ms Coulston and her husband Walt allegedly helped Ramsay, 46, get treatment for alcohol issues.

Bizarre case IMO.

Ramsay allegedly turned up unannounced at couple's Weonga Road home and plunged a 25 centimetre kitchen knife in Ms Coulston's chest on Monday. A builder across the road intervened in the alleged dispute. Then Ramsay reportedly fled the scene in a white Audi A5, but police tracked his vehicle to Campbell Parade in Bondi, where they arrested him at gunpoint.

Ms Coulston is expected to make a full recovery.

MG3 Excite not worth the money, say some owners


For most of its history, MG - also known as Morris Garages - was associated with British open-top roadsters, but that changed with the collapse of Rover in 2005, which saw the Chinese state-owned SAIC group take over. Since then, MG has become synonymous with budget SUVs and hatches made in China - a far cry from its 1924 origins as a sports car badge.

"If you take the MG badge off them, they are just a cheap Chinese-made car that's similar to a 2004 Hyundai Getz."


Excited shoppers are racing to Kmart to buy a table lamp that looks identical to its $1900 designer copy.

TikTok was sent into a frenzy after a shopper posted a video of her buying the Amelie table lamp, which costs just $35.

Kmart certainly seem popular for their well-priced home items.

Might add, that table lamp does nothing for me.


NSW Labor frontbencher Walt Secord says he was aware of his ‘shortcomings’ and is committed to ‘addressing my behaviour’. Photograph: Bianca de Marchi/AAP


In a lengthy statement, Secord said while he did “not have the same recollections from the staff in the former leader’s office – especially in relation to raised voices in the workplace”, he accepted “that I can be too blunt and too direct in a fast-paced workplace”.


Definitely sounds like a "person to be avoided". He accepted “that I can be too blunt and too direct in a fast-paced workplace”. Mmmmm.

Secord is a heavyweight of the right faction who previously worked as a staffer for former NSW premiers Bob Carr and Kristina Keneally, as well as former prime minister Kevin Rudd.

A ‘Ceylan’ Vase by René Lalique, designed 1924




He created so many beautiful items.

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