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As if the planet is not crowded enough!

Indian woman 'has her first child at AGED SEVENTY' to become one of the world's oldest new mothers  - as she and husband, 75, conceive a son through IVF 

Jivunben Rabari welcomed a son through IVF this month. Jivunben, from Gujurat, India, was unable to prove her age, which she claims is 70, but could be one of the world's oldest new mothers.

Why oh why ???

What a confused world we live in RnR as if India hasn't enough population to look aftern

The New Holland Mouse, thought to be extinct, rediscovered on Tasmania's Flinders Island

For the first time in 17 years, a species of mouse described as a "dumpling on legs" has been discovered on Tasmania's Flinders island.

It was feared the New Holland Mouse, known scientifically as Pseudomys novaehollandiae, was extinct, with the last evidence of its existence detected over 12 years ago at Waterhouse Conservation Area. The mouse was captured sniffing a stick of peanut butter on a remote camera on Flinders Island. Further surveying will be used to inform a national recovery plan for the species

Full ABC story.

A great detection - what a cutie that is

Pictured all together for the first time, the proud (but exhausted) parents to a world record-breaking miracle NINE babies... as mum reveals the nonuplets are almost ready to fly home to Mali

Pictured all together for the first time, the world record breaking nonuplets (and mum &

Halima Cisse, 26, who made headlines around the world in May when she gave birth to nine babies, poses proudly alongside her husband Kader Arby, 35, with their incredible brood. When MailOnline visited the family at their hospital in Morocco in July, the babies were all still being kept in incubators after their premature birth. Now they have grown and Ms Cisse says she is looking forward to taking them home to Mali. Speaking to MailOnline, she said: 'All of them are getting on very well, and are a joy to look after. They are getting stronger every day.'


How long will it take humans to stop celebrating birth ??

When through their overpopulation they are destroying the earth and other species.

My thoughts too Suze.

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