In our own way

We all choose our lives - in our own way. Some of us choose to be happy - regardless of what happens. Others of us choose to be victims - regardless of what happens. I have chosen to be a fairly happy person - regardless of what has happened in my life. Of course, what happened in my earlier life, has coloured what I perceive, but I try to choose and disregard that which happened, which was out of my control.


Once again so true Bev. Many would not know how to be happy if it bit them in the butt.

I suppose some do not have the art of just being happy with what we have.

I sometimes look back and think why me? why us? but soon get over it as many worse off.

Have a nice evening.

Isn't happiness & or victim mentality, largely dependant on one's nature & upbringing & life experiences?

I have just read a post, on a pet forum elsewhere, of an elderly owner of a pet cat, who wants some advice, on how to cure her cat, of upending it's water bowl, consistantly, every time she puts the animal back in it's CAGE !!! On the reverse side, we have an ex feral moggy who we now let into the house, for 6 to 10 hours a day. When he (Spider) deigns to get up on my lap, for 1/2 an hour, without biting or scratching, then .....PURRRRRS..... , I think that God has stopped picking on me & he only sent me KRudd for a few short years so that I can appreciate what Heaven might be like, in comparison. Some campers shoot a Kookaburra who just dived & grabbed a piece of steak out of their hands. Others hang around pub bars, telling the story over & over, with that stupid grin on their face.


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