If You like doing Jigsaws

Here's another site if you like doing Jigsaw Puzzles.

You can pick different cuts and how many pieces.   They change the puzzles at least twice a day or you can pick your own.



Good one Sandi,are you trying to keep us all busy?

I have to finish mowing the lawn yet and so far i've been donating rice and now jigsaws,you will wear us out! lol



If you have an IPad you can use Apps to make puzzles from your own Photos. Not sure if is available on Laptops /desktops.

Yes it is Vivity, I regularly amuse myself with online jigsaws especially if I'm up late and there's nobody online to talk to ... or I like to play solitaire too, actually managed to win a two-pack spider game last week ... plus I've got a heap of HOGs as well .. should get back to reading a book but can't seem to concentrate lately... thank goodness for pc's 

I just went in and had a go,not too bad neither,like the rice quiz it could become addictive!

I was just completing a jigsaw and the screen went white,advertised a full screen American Express Logo and crashed? whole thing crashed,switched off everything? wierdo,back running now,run my anti virus and CC cleaner?




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