IE vs Firefox

I deleted Firefox - gave me no end of trouble, always transfered me to my ISP, then transfered the information. Worked out slower than IE. Stuffed up a couple of sites I frequently use for downloads. Besides which, this site now works quite well on IE, no delays and I know what is happening.


I am with you Bev. Gave Firefox away and back to Internet Explorer and Chrome.

Glad it wasn't only me Phyl. I found Firefox too complicated. Guess I know what I know, If it works, why fix it?

My Firefox went belly up some time ago and I am using IE again now--although I did like Fire when I had it

Hi Bev,

I too am a IE.7 user but I also have Firefox installed so that I can double check my designs prior to uploading them to my host. The font on their browser is smaller too, so this is another reason why I prefer IE7.

A few of my viewers who switched to Firefox have had a lot of problems with it. And I have had feedback that the same applies to those who have gone on to IE.8 and Vista. I've heard Vista is very heavy with its added security.

For me IE.7 offers everything that I need so its better to stick with what you know than automatically move on to something just because it is supposed to be more advanced.

I'm a trial and error method type of person so what I have said above is second hand.




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