I was hoping Mr Rudd would be caring!

I do hope this isn’t true. I consider Mr. Rudd to be a passionate and caring man.
Maybe we should wait for the budget to see how pensioners fair.
I already take food to my neighbor.One day I was making a cuppa, and her frig was empty.
I didn’t say anything, as she would be so upset that I seen this.
So I just cook food for two instead of one. And drop off milk and eggs every now and then.
If this women just had a $100 more she wouldn’t be living like this.
She doesn’t smoke or drink or go out much. She said, 'she would love a pet for company'.
I understand why she doesn’t have one.
Our treasured, old folk shouldnt be living like this. They have put to much pain and toil into this country.
A lot are on their own, with no Supper to fall back on.
Mr. Rudd, if you do care, help these people keep their dignity, Please.

Annie QLD


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