I have written this poem about the Prime Minister and his Goverment please read it

It is Titled Our Prime Minister IS A Dudd! By Bob William Raisbeck 18 May 2008

OH Mr. Rudd our new Prime Minister is a Dud

He promised us Pensioners an increase so that we could survive

He never kept his promise and we struggle to stay alive

Why do all you Politicians Promise and not deliver

You sold us a pup and sold us down the river

when we put you in power we thought you would give us all a fair go

But you are all the same all Hot air and no show

When it comes to the crunch of doing things right

so swallow your pride reverse this decision and show a light

A Light at the end of the tunnel that every day we try to keep lit

But it`s hard to balance the budget and then get hit

Hit for a six from someone who you thought was a friend

We are are hurting out here why did you Forget

The older generation who worked this country out of debt

the reason you have your surplus is we paid our tax

We did not expect you to abandon us and give us the Axe

So when you are sitting down to eat your fine steak

Think of us making do with the pittance we make

after all these years of working and carrying this land

I say wake up! get political Heads out of the Sand


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