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I had a brain wave - with all the a-holes not doing the right thing with masks, isolation, quarantine, and social distancing, how about a razor wire fence all around NSW so no one gets in or gets out.

These idiots who think none of the above rules apply to them, need a smack in the head. They are making it virtually impossible to control the outbreaks.

New one a f-wit today, got married and had 700 guests in Sydney, no masks at all. Venue fined $5000 but what of all the 700 - zilch, nada, zero.

They are all as bad as the filthy sportsmen - I wanna play cricket with India, or the Indian side - I don't wanna do isolation. Our Government is an absolute damn joke. et some off scot free so they can go and play in a cow paddock with a weird shaped ball or for the others, the one they have to supposedly keep polishing. If you and I went AWOL, we would cop it , big time.

Same with the two who absconded from the Airport, now weaseling their way out of it. Time our officials, Police, Judges, actually grew some balls and do the right thing. Rules apply to ALL people, whether visitor or resident, NO EXCEPTIONS.


I read 21 guests including the bride were fined $1000 each

What I read didn't say that. Perhaps it was written earlier. And 21 out of 700, some jerk can't count.

If they don't implement a lot stronger punishment, we are going to have this darn disease around for an eternity with only odd spaces of nothing. WA has the right idea, they want it eradicated, not chased from hot spot to hot spot.

It is a disgrace that they are allowing these sports to be attended -- FGS stop this virus spreading -- it takes one person to do the wrong thing and it will be everywhere -- wake the F*** up and stop people being in crowds watch the bloody thing on TV


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