How you could get your hands on a year's supply of ice cream

Ice cream might not be front and centre in the middle of winter, but the chance to win a year's supply of the stuff might inspire you to enter this amazing competition.

While the last 18 months have been tough, they have also uncovered Australia’s heroes – the people who shopped for groceries for their isolated neighbours, the volunteers who worked tirelessly during the catastrophic floods, the medical professionals that have helped fight the pandemic, the many helping hands at community centres, and the list goes on.

Ice cream maker Streets wants to reward some of these heroes and their supporters.

“Australians have well and truly lived up to their reputation of having one another’s back and we think that calls for a celebration,” said Annie Lucchitti, Streets Marketing Manager.

So, this International Ice Cream Day, Streets are giving away a year’s worth of ice cream to 10 people. That’s right, a whole year’s supply of Streets favourites including Paddle Pop, Golden Gaytime, Splice and Calippo!

What’s the catch? There isn’t one. This is all part of Streets’ mission to help build a happier, more connected Australian community, one street at a time.

Ms Lucchitti said, “Helping out and giving back to the community doesn’t just make others happy; it makes you feel good too.

“Streets has been spreading happiness and bringing Australians together for over 100 years. This legacy dates all the way back to our founder Ted Street and his wife Daisy who devoted their life to supporting communities and bringing them together by funding local pools, tennis courts and nursing homes.

“We’ve tried to continue this legacy through our support for local surf lifesaving clubs and initiatives like Bush to Beach. We also recently partnered with WIRES to help protect and regenerate Australia’s native wildlife.

“Now we want to celebrate even more heroes that are giving back to their communities. So, we’re calling on Aussies to nominate their local hero to go into the running to win a year’s supply of ice cream – for them and you!”

To enter, simply share a post on your Facebook or Instagram and tell Streets in 25 words or less why you're nominating this hero. Make sure you use #HappyHero and tag Streets Ice Cream Australia Facebook or Instagram page.

 The competition launched on International Ice Cream Day, Sunday 18 July, and runs for a week. Full competition details can be found on Streets’ Facebook and Instagram pages.

What is your favourite ice cream? Who would you nominate to win a year's supply of ice cream?


Asking me to choose my favourite ice cream is akin to asking which is my favourite child. I love ice cream in all of its forms.

Love it but eat very little. Coffee flavoured ice creams are my favourite.

I love Ice cream and have done all my life and I eat heaps of it


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