How to wash your dishes quickly and sanitise your sponge

woman washing dishes

I love this woman. She's fun and her tips are pretty handy. This one shows you how to wash your dishes quickly, cleanly and also sanitise your sponge to keep it germ-free!

 Do you have any dishwashing tips to share with our members?


Dishwasher sounds good to me :)

Dishwasher cartoon Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock


I only use the dishwasher when I have people over for a meal, otherwise hand washing is the go. I also add in the rinse aid section White Vinegar to clean off the soap residue, the plates always come up sparkling clean., also saves money . I watched her video and she seems to be using too much water with all that rinsing. If she had a plate rack, she could just drain the dishes . I always wipe food off the plates before washing as well. 


I don't use soap to wash my dishes. I live near the beach, I grab a handful of sand and do what the Arabs in the desert do, I sand wash!

So you're a Sander.  


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