How to stop possums from eating plants including flowers.

we live in a bushy area where the possums seem to thrive. Husband loves gardening but is disillusioned after spending a lot of money and time in the garden. He has tried many different things but hasn't been successful. HELP!!!


Hi Jenny.

A possum (or possums) have absolutely ruined my Moorpark apricot crop this year. I live a couple of kms N-E of Adelaide, and apparently the furry fiends are quite common. I have a carport with corrugated plastic sheeting for the roof, and the possum makes no secret of its commings and goings. No tippy toes; sounds like a footballer going across the roof. As soon as I switch on the outside light, I hear thump-thump-thump as it scurries away. At this stage, I don't know where it rests during the day. I believe my Council supplies possum traps for loan. I'll give it a try. Perhaps you could approach your Council to see what they can advise.

To your problem, would bird netting help? Better still, large hole chicken wire placed over your crops.

You can always resort to a commercial product that the Daleks use, i.e., "exterminate, exterminate!!". I'm sure there is one in the shops.

Good luck.



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