How to stay cool without an air conditioner

Air conditioners are a staple of most households, but there are still many who aren't lucky enough to have them. So, how can they stay cool this summer without one?

This quick video offers 12 creative solutions to solving summer heat woes. 

How do you stay cool?


I live in an area of hideously hot summers but rarely use air conditioning these days and make use mostly with a couple of desk fans.  

I regard myself as living largely  'by choice' a low cost, much simplified version of semi-retirement and work intermittently when needed and when it suits - love this flexibility but with the down-side being I can't throw money around.  However it works for me and I get by...

Ways to stay cool include doing most labour intensive work in the early morning - best part of the day any way.  Cool baths.  Drink lots of cold water.  Always seems cooler at a beach or near a river so a bonus if you can access those environments.  Besides most places are air-conditioned ie. Shopping centres, libraries, restaurants etc.  So sort of in and out of air con as I go about life anyway.

Can't speak for anyone else but I get by using air conditioning sparingly.

I like the "ice brick" in front of the fan trick. Must try it to see if it's effective.


If one's budget allows..tinting the windows that get the most sun is a great way to go I find.

The trick is to stop the heat from the outside.

During these 40C+ summer days in the arid zone, we keep our sunblock lined curtains closed. Just this one thing lowers the inside temperature markedly. We have ducted airconditioning throughout the house plus an additional split system in the bedroom which is a larger than normal room. We also have solar panels fitted so can use the airconditioning whenever it is needed without too much financial stress. Lucky? Maybe, but this is the result of good planning, responsible spending and saving and not spending on other things like travelling, smoking, gambling, alcohol etc. We eat and live healthy as much as possible in our polluted environment and don't blame others when/if things go wrong. Our current project is to get as many trees as possible growing around the garden to provide natural shade on the house (but not on the solar panels). I love my life and love hearing how others live and deal with life's issues, which aren't necessarily always problems.

I don't have any aircon but do have ceiling fans. I sometimes use ice packs at night - the sort you use on injuries. Keep them in the freezer then wrap in a small towel and place on your pillow. They are soft enough to sleep on and keep your head/neck cool.

Like Bushbaby I keep curtains closed to keep the sun out and awnings over the balcony to filter the western sun too.

You could also try freezing water in a hot water bottle to cuddle which also cools you down. 

Outside metal shutters on every window - works a treat.  Keep them shut during the hottest part of the day and particularly when the sun in on any particular window.  I open the house (doors and windows) if it cools at night, then close up in the morning and keep the shutters down if it's forecast to be hot.   Plus I have ceiling fans in every room and I use them before I turn on the air conditioner.   Lucky - yes and no - good planning - yes.  Shutters are not cheap but neither is running an airconditioner day and night.  


Try these they really work


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