How to get your $0.50 Big Mac this Friday

To kick off three months of McDonald's 50th anniversary celebrations this week, you can get yourself a $0.50 Big Mac this Friday June 18 2021.

More than 1.1 billion Big Mac's have been sold over the last 50 years

“We’re proud of our history and the positive difference our 245 franchisees continue to make by providing the best first job in Australia for young people,” McDonald’s Australia CEO Andrew Gregory said.

“Our franchisees play a critical role in making Macca’s one of the most trusted brands in Australia and we’re looking forward to celebrating our 50th birthday with our people and customers.”

All you need to do to claim your $0.50 Big Mac this Friday is download the MyMacca's App and order using the app!

What's your favourite burger from McDonalds?


This is another example of blatant discrimination against those of us who avoid "apps" and use traditional purchasing methods. It should be banned by the ACCC or everyone should be able to buy at 50c over the counter. OTR/BP do the  same thing with car washes: a freebie every so often provided you use their "app". Highly unfair.

So more cheap junk food for those who shouldn't eat it, which includes everybody...

Jennie, it is not Junk Food, nor cheap food, the products use the same ingredients which can be purchased in supermarkets.
I can make a hamburger at home using the same products for half the cost of a McDonalds 'ham'burger.
Maybe you are frightened of buying any type of.'take-away food.

Have not had a Macas in many years --


I wonder how many people just click the terms and conditions on these APPS without understanding them -- they mostly want to be able to get into all your contacts and photos -- I have to ask WHY they need to do that?!

I don't have many apps for that reason, ever BANK apps want to get into all your personal things


Yes PlanB, I have a few apps only on my 'unsmart 'phone, and they are similar to computer desktop shortcuts, contacts, a locked aWallet for passwords, GPS for travel & maps, email, settings and a toy camera which will never compare with a real camera.
Creating aggravation one becomes p**ed of with the squawking voices in ads, "Download the app", some people have more apps than pieces in a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle.
The other idiotic a stupid comments are, "Jump online", "Hop in the car", "Take a seat" and other nonsense comments for actions which are humanly impossible.  :-[


I agree with you Jeannie - its junk food.... unhealthy fodder for the masses. 

Spectre - yes its not cheap - but do you think they don't cheat on quality to drop the bottom line to make more profit ???

And yes, I'm frightened of take-away food .... It's someone else who is touching/preparing my food and needs to make a profit on what I put in my mouth to eat - do you think they are always going to make good ethical decisions to protect your tummy over an increase in profit margins??  I don't think so.

If everyone (in the west) ate a little less, sought good quality local produce and reduce meat by a little - the planet would be a lot better off - we'd be healthier, not overweight.  Local producers benefit, your kids will have jobs (not imported goods), animal welfare benefits (less factory farmed animals) and the planet benefits.  Ask the scientists !


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