How to freeze water instantly

This quick video from Youtuber 'The King of Random' shows you how to freeze water instantly, using a nifty science trick. 

While the water does freeze instantly it will take a couple of hours in the freezer to prepare, so if you're reading this with a lukewarm beverage in your hand I'm sorry to disappoint. 

What do you think? While it might be a little chilly for slushies at the moment, it'll keep the grandkids entertained (and hydrated) during the warmer months.


RYAN --  I was totally in awe watching that film on how to make ice on command. That would be a great treat for the grandkids when they get bored on the holidays. They do love their Slushies so now they can make their own . 



Should be great with the summer coming ... fingers crossed   

I don't follow the first premise that the water is below freezing and still free flowing after 2.3/4 hours. In my freezer a bottle of water that size will be frozen rock solid in 45-50minutes. No way will it pour freely until thawed. Some explanations are required.


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