How to combat vaccine misinformation

I have heard people casually mentioning that half of those who have the AstraZeneca vaccine will experience side effects. If you hear people saying that, please share this information with them.

I've had no reactions whatever to 2 jabs of AZ, and 99% of those around me, fellow residents of the War Vets village where I live (NSW) have had no side effects.

I asked my own doctor as well. His response was that from the data he has seen 50% is not true. That % would be much smaller. Over stating/under stating such data is dangerous and unethical, it can produce unnecessary fear in those not yet vaccinated. 




I'm fully vaccinated with AZ.  I had a fairly severe reaction over 2 days to the first jab but none to the second.  I've been told by NSW Health that reactions vary and are mostly related to the strength of your own immune system.  So I guess that having a reaction is not necessarily bad news - it may mean that your own immune system is very strong.  My own GP agreed with NSW Health, by the way.

Hi. Thanks for your comments.  I have refused the A.Z. vaccine due to the fact I know several people over 60 who have had very bad reactions to the vaccine and have been hospitalized.  The worst case resulted in the patient getting a rare blood disease, being hospitalized and put into an induced coma for 3 weeks (after getting the 1st A.Z. vaccine).  I have several medical issues and have hung out for the Pfizer shot, first vaccination in 2 weeks time.

How do you know the vaccine caused the rare blood disease? Was it assumed? Was it because it happened after the vaccine?

You do know that the vaccine does not stop ALL health issues, people will still get numerous problems like this.....just as if they would without the vacinne.

I had a reaction to my first AZ jab, I felt really tired and washed out the following day. My wife didn't have a reaction at all and I told her it just showed what a sensitive person I am. She is still laughing at that. No reaction at all after the second jab.

My husband and I have had two AstraZenica vaccinations each with no side effects. We are not aware of anyone who has had any side effects other than a sore arm for a day or two. I agree with Al that there is too much misinformation about with no specifics to back up the misinformation. I would suggest that any information one hears that is peppered with "a lot of people", "someone I know has told me about a friend", or "too many have died from blood clots" should be ignored. As regards blood clots, women taking the contraceptive pill have a 1:1,000 chance of developing blood clots whereas the chance of developing blood clots after an AstraZenica vaccination is 1:250,000.

Good points, way too much misinformation. I sometimes wonder if there should be some agency which asks/demands posters to provide proof of their claims. A different point my trusted doctor says that the number of blood clots was never really that high, deaths or ongoing serious effects was never that high, the total numbers of blood clots has gone down quite a lot and continues to go down, and some recipients of all of the various vaccines have experienced blood clots. More broad comment, I'm aware of one country which was for many weeks (now stopped) was doing TV, radio, news website spots telling people to take xxx tablet 3 days before the jab, then yyy tablet 2 days and zzz Tablet the day before, get rrr no. of hours sleep, wait for wwwwwww hours at the clinic before getting the jab and have a friend of relative there with you ready to call am ambulance and to watch the person receiving the jab very carefully because many many people are dying from blood clots from vaccines. All of the above putting serious fear into the minds of the populace.

The Gov't involved got such massive complaints and very serious criticism from various dr/hospital associations, they stopped all of the advertising of the above. 

Hi,just sharing that I had no side effects from my first AZ jab.

however the second dose was followed by 4 days of bilious ness ,headaches ,tiredness and blood pressure readings that are too high.

The tiredness and blood pressure remain into my 6 th day.

I found I had no option but to be vaccinated.



My wife seemed to have high blood pressure for a week or so after. Wasn't sure if it was the AZ or just something else with her (she has bouts of anxiousness), but it returned to normal and been fine since (2 months ago)

What is your doctor saying?  There might be other underlying health problems causing this and not the vaccine.  Tiredness, nausea and headaches are common side effects.  But high blood pressure is not listed on the information sheet I was given after my jab.  I'd hotfooting it down to the doctor ASAP if you haven't already.

One thing I forgot to say is that I am very glad that I am now fully vaccinated and the side effects were an issue at the time but insignificant when compared with the ongoing protection.  I would do it all again and will have the booster shot - probably Moderna - next year as soon as I can.

Don't listen to idiot antivaxers.

We both had first AZ one afternoon 10 weeks ago, both had a bit of sore arm, no worse than any shots we have had, we got a slight joint soreness that night, in the morning my wife was perfect, no problems at all.

I woke up and rolled over in bed and tried to look at the clock, lost total control of my eyes and could not focus, felt nauseated and could not walk straight when I got out of bed, we thought I was having a stroke, went to hospital, they did lots of tests and diagnosed vertigo, have had this in the past but only mild.

They got me to do some exercises as specified for vertigo, I had not heard of these before.

It settled down a lot over the next few days but did no go completely, did the exercise again a couple of times and its gone now.

Hospital said it was just a coincidence and it was not associated with the Covid shot, since researched and some say it may cause vertigo, others say ti doesn't. Getting second shot next week and will see what happens.

Rather have the shot than Covid. get vaccinated everyone, that way if everyone is we can go away in our caravan, stay safe..

Having a reaction to any vaccine, means that the vaccine is working and your body is generating the necessary antibodies to fight the virus.  I'd be more worried if I had no reaction.

In my own case, I had a slightly sore arm (it was much more painful with the flu vax), and started shivering a day after my jab.  I went to bed and was fine in about half an hour.  No reaction whatsoever to the second jab.

Too many people listen to ratbags on the radio and friends of friends, or read Murdoch trash.  When you need medical information TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR.  If you are not happy, get a second opinion.  And for anyone here that doesn't know, Alan Jones, George Christiansen, Clive Palmer, et al are not  medically qualified doctors.


Well said.

The reporting on adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccinations is coming from around the world.  Some is real, some is doubtful.  There is however a formal chain for such reporting.  If anyone has about it or any questions, go to  the Government website: VAERS.  (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.)

There are reports from credible sources that some people may have adverse reactions appear several months afterwards.  Unfortunately it is often only with an autopsy that definitive conclusion may be made and this would either be unethical and inconvenient or subject to contest.

Explore VAERS and make up your own mind.

You do realise that VAERS is for reporting ALL health issues if you have been vaccinated? That's one of the places the antivaxers get their "facts" from.

In no way does the list suggest that the vaccine caused those issues. Look at the list, things like accidental broken arm is on there and "acupuncture" is listed.

Hence the figure of x number of deaths purely means those people died AFTER having the vaccine and most likely would have died WITHOUT having the vaccine too.

Unfortunately, being vaccinated will not stop lockdowns but they may save you from death if you catch the virus.

Anyone else have nightmares/vivid dreams after COVID vaccine? My husband and I had these for two weeks after the injection.  Waking up, heart racing, cold sweat...strange but true. One night I dreamt I was eating a woolly toy dog (and no, I wasn't eating my blanket!). It was quite hilarious, really, comparing our horrendous/hilarious dreams over breakfast each morning.

We both had the aches and pains particularly between shoulder blades  and cold shivers but I would be concerned if I had absolutely no side effects. I know it hasn't been proven, but I feel the reactions show your immune system is gearing up. Only my opinion of course.



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