How to be a 'bad guy' and President of the US.

‘We have a system that is fundamentally broken.’

In five minutes to the House Oversight Committee, the New York Democrat Ms Ocasio-Cortez demonstrated how the current legal system encourages and rewards politicians for pursuing pers, calling out corruption at the highest levels of US government.

:) Good on her. Very incisive exposé of system vulnerabilities IMO.



I agree with you. 

The whole world and it's Governments are corrupt and in a big mess --

Sadly, I think you might be right PlanB

How do US laws relate to Australia? Does this article mean that our laws are identical and that our politicians can be corrupt, lobby for their donors' special interests and change laws all by themselves? I think not. This article relies heavily on hypothesis and light on proof that any of this has happened.

With no Federal ICAC, and also no control over big donations, we have no controls here too. Just because our eyes are closed (not allowed to see) as to how decisions are being made doesn't mean it's all OK. Darwin Port's long-lease to the Chinese, followed up by a plum job for an ex-Minister who dealt with them, is an example - where was the investigation? We have heard of a large number of ex-PMs / Ministers / Premiers in the pay of the Chinese after retirement as well. Was that pre-planned, or are they lobbyists now pushing for getting favourable treatment for gaining financial or political power for the Chinese?

If you want to see how it works in OZ, just read a copy of " The Games of Mates". It will give you a real undstanding of how the system works in OZ.

What are 'pers'?

Where are these people calling out corruption? I have not heard anyone shouting, or is it only in USA?


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