How many spuds do you need for a roast?

The BBC’s Good Food magazine has come under fire for suggesting that one roast potato per person is enough when cooking a Christmas roast.

As someone who has eaten 19 roast potato pieces in a sitting, I don’t have a problem with the suggestion.

Ideally you should get at least four potato pieces from one roast potato, which I think is enough for Christmas dinner plans, given not everyone will even eat potatoes given the amount of food on offer at most Christmas dinners.

How many potatoes per person do you prepare for your Christmas roast?


I used to make a whole batch of baked potatoes and pumpkin and let everyone help themselves. The good sign is when there's nothing left. 

Oh, I cook a lot of potatoes. Usually I roast them in duck fat and the leftovers are used next morning for a brekkie of bubble and squeak with chipolata sausages!

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Roast potatoes can be added to other meals and taste great cold too.


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