How lucky to be able to buy a grandkid something he/she wants.

MY grandson is such a great kid and does not ask often for things because his Mum is battling on her own to keep "the wolf from the door".

Harry has been saving pocket money and his Mum put money to his  but it was way short of the rather big money needed for the special phone the kids have these days, which does SO much more than just make phone calls :)

Peter and I are in the position to be able to buy him the phone he wanted with all his heart, and the picture we have of him holding his new phone with a grin from ear to ear is priceless..


I know how you feel Phyl when you get an ecstatic thank you. My 14 year old granddaughter has been doing Circus Gymnastics since tiny and wanted very much to see Cirque de Soleil. Tickets are pretty expensive but a phone around the other grandparents, uncles and Aunts to buy 2 tickets for her to be taken by her father for his birthday present too  resulted in an a beautiful thank you to us all saying it was a special night she would never forget. 

This prolly does not fit here but can't think where else to put it

8 year old writes best paper ever on Grandparents.

Our very good friend Gerry has passed now, but he is still remembered with love.

Image result for smiley scratching head in disbelief      by whom????

he is remembered by me REAGAN,   he was a lovely man,   also very wise,    i miss the banter we had with him,    also SETH,    two great gentlemen,  

Hello Cats. Lovely to see you too. Miss Gerry's footy place and him, and Geo. and of course Seth. Swans not playing well this year at all. How is your Saint Kilda team going? We are out of it for this year.

Zapot has been sick for the last week but on the mend now. One of our cats Penny has not left his side even sleeping with him as she knows he has been sick. Still love our two cats and beautiful little Moodle dog to bits. Did you get another cat?


HI PHYL.    sorry to hear ZAPOT has been unwell.   hope he is on the mend,   no,  i didnt get another cat,   and i lost my beloved dog last christmas,   that was really heartbreaking,     i feel lost without an animal around,   but thinking twice about another,   i dont think i could go through that again,   they are family,   and my little one never left my side,   i truly feel lost without her,      yes,  i to miss gerry and the footy tipping,  [not that i was any good,   always got the wooden spoon,      dear old seth,  as well,    he had such a dry wit,     i miss them both,  along with GEO,      the site is not the same since they departed,    how are ypu going with your meds?    did you get what you wanted, ?  hope you are feeling much better,    and the headaches are gone,   yes,  i still follow the MIGHTY SAINTS,     but they are just about at the bottom of the ladder,    NEXT YEAR,  LOL,     take care,   and hi zapot    

Lovely reply Cats. I still have a headache every day including many migrains mixed in, so still taking 4 Panadene Forte every day but although I know they do turn into Morphine in the body, not nearly as strong as taking straight Morphine tabs.

I hope you are coping o.k. Have not been able to be prescribed the Marijuana, Still waiting for it to be legalised :(

Sorry to hear about your darling companion. We have a gorgeous black Moodle we have had for 2 years and is 2 and 1/2 who is my shadow and has changed my life so much for the better. We also have two 3 year old female cats who are wonderful also.

Pets are happiness in my book.

Your footy. team is like ours but just wait until next year hey. lol

Take care Cats and lovely to read your posts.

Zapot says hi.


HI again PHYL,    sorry to hear you still get the headaches,  ,   must be very dibalating for you,   i thought the medicine had been legalised  long ago,      your animal family sound gorgeous,    my little one was a maltese  shitz/ poodle cross,  our family have  no luck with animals for a year,    first my son lost his dog,   which was awful for his 3 boys,   then my daughter lost her dog,  [she had him put to sleep,   old and blind,   and arthritic,   he had had enough]   then i lost my one,   then last week ,  daughter rand me,  her cat had taken a heart attack and had to be put to sleep,   she rescued the cat when it was 12,   it belonged to a lady who had to go into a home,   she couldnt take it,   so daughter had it,   so at the moment we are all animal deprived,     but i will get another,    and a cat as well,       well,   winter is really hear,   been very cold mornings,     we bought a dual controlled air con  some time ago,   that keeps the place lovely and warm,   best investment ever,    do you ever here from ABBY?    her and SETH were really funny,    BED TIME,     so night night,   take care,   and keep healthy,     [hi peter],  










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