How did you connect through COVID-19?

The Connecting Through COVID-19 exhibition brings together a fascinating collection of how we communicated through the pandemic; from Zoom meetings, to social media groups such as Bin Isolation Outings to virtual choirs to telehealth and more. The exhibition also looks at how Australians communicated during the pandemic now and 100 years ago during the Spanish Flu finding surprising parallels as well as stark differences.

And you can participate in the virtual exhibition and learn more about communication in Australia and how we communicated through one of the most trying times in history from morse code through to Facebook live streams. Story suggestions include:

1. A tale of two pandemics. How Australia communicated with each other now and then. The difference 100 years makes. From 18 million telegrams in a year to 18 million emails in a few days.
2. Misinformation and how nothing has changed. The Spanish flu, did not originate in Spain however the freedom of journalism in Spain and spread of misinformation via a slow moving communication beast coined the nickname. In contrast, the coronavirus pandemic quickly became a global hot topic with daily press briefings open to anyone compared to 100 years ago.
3. Conspiracy theories during the pandemic. Then and now and how communication has created a new kind of virus - misinformation.
4. No masking it. From the Spanish Flu to now. People hated masks then - as they hate them now. People refused to wear them then - as they did now. People were bored then - as they are now. People felt isolated etc. Unlike today, there was no Facebook or internet to let off steam. People who refused to wear masks were made fun of then - as they have been now.
5. First Nations the biggest winners from the lessons learned of the pandemic past. 50% of aboriginal populations in some Australian communities were devastated by Spanish flu as opposed to the current day with only 157 cases reported.
6. Teaching your children about communication. There's more to communicating than Discord, messenger, snapchat and getting information from YouTube and Tik Tok.

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