How can you help the situation in Afghanistan?

The scenes on our TV of the unfolding disaster in Afghanistan are horrible and can leave us feeling rather helpless.

For those that are interested and in a financial position to help, the Australian Red Cross is raising funds to deliver humanitarian aid to the people of the strife-torn country.

The money will go towards vital healthcare in Afghanistan and supporting communities in Australia to locate and reconnect with missing family caught up in the crisis.

The Head of International Humanitarian Programs at Australian Red Cross, Adrian Prouse, said the situation in Kabul and elsewhere is distressing.

“Afghanistan is one of the world’s most fragile states. We know that humanitarian needs will remain high and are likely to increase,” he said.

The political upheaval in Afghanistan is compounding the effects of an ongoing severe drought with worsening food and water shortages, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Donations can be made online at or via credit card by phoning 1800 REDCROSS, 9am to 5pm AEDT.  

Do you think the Australian government should be doing more to help the situation in Afghanistan?


No sorry I donated to Red Cross for a local bushfires thing a couple of yrs ago and some of the people are still waiting for help

The majority of donations don't go to their causes.


Afghanistan received help for the last 20 years or more. Its time our Government put all its limited funds to help its own citizens. We DO NOT need to worry about Afghanistan, it is under the protection of Allah.

I agree.  Australia has enough problems of its own.

The Americans etc have left behind in incredible amount of guns etc it will be a big bonus for the taliban.  Id like to know when our government and those around the world ( Including the U.N ) are going to care about other issues like homelessness etc 

Do you think the Australian government should be doing more to help the situation in Afghanistan? DEFINITELY NOT! The West has been helping them for 20 years to teach them to help themselves. It is now up to them and allah.


How much administration fee will the Red Cross take?


We are doing our bit in Perth...

A group of about 100 evacuees who fled the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan are in hotel quarantine in Perth after arriving in Australia overnight.

They have been taken to a hotel in Perth's CBD to quarantine

A number of floors at the hotel were set aside for their arrival

The evacuees were on a chartered aircraft that landed in Perth about 1:30am, following a 10-and-a-half-hour flight from Australia's military base in the United Arab Emirates. 

Those on board included Afghan interpreters and contractors who assisted Australian Defence Force troops during Australia's 20-year mission in the nation.

Also on the flight were Australian customs and immigration personnel as well as consular and foreign service officers.

We are a very welcoming lot in WA....we don't think too much about how much it will affect pensions!!!

Humanity comes first.


WA may indeed be welcoming but is easy to say there is no need for WA to think too much about how much it will affect pensions when it does not pay for pensions

Anybody who thinks that the Taliban will allow any western aid agency wander around within Afghanistan providing assistance to the locals has to be soft in the head.

The way it looks from here is that the Red Cross will take in $millions from altruistic westerners and then spend most of it in management and administration everywhere except Afghanistan.  What does get to Kabul will be going straight into the hands of the warlords with nothing left where needed.

The Taliban will do what the Taliban want to do regardless of any intent to help those in need from western NGOs.

The Australian Defence Force members spent a lot of time and effort trying to build up infrastructure that would benefit the local communities but the local Taliban would ensure that anyone who tried to use it paid an extreme price.

I can't believe that our (all of NATO's) intelligence services were so dumb as to think the Taliban wouldn't takeover as fast as they did. Blind Freddy could have told them to start evacuating weeks ago!

they should have been evacuating civilian staff and families ahead of the military withdrawal. You don't leave your people behind. Let the military turn the lights out. Make an example of any Taliban interfering with the evacuation and provide some firm incentives for warlord commanders to keep the troops in line.


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