How are you keeping occupied during the lockdown?

I have just fiished off repairing all my Dining Room chairs. Over the years they had become loose under the seats and the bottom of the legs had become scratchy. I tightened all the bolts and put new rubber stoppers under the legs. They all look good and no more noisy sounds. I ran out of floor cleaner and the tiles were looking rather dull. I went into the garage and found a bottle of Sugar Soap so thought I'd give it a try with hot water. Well they look like new tiles, then I tried  it on the Kitchen cupboards. They are Veneer and were looking very dull. I do clean them with soap and water but the Suger Soap did the trick, now they are gleaming. I'd love to have a go with the back fence as it is starting to sag in one place. I looked up Pinterest and it has given me a few ideas. Found some lovely recipies on it as well. I'm never bored, and people say "How are you handling the Lockdown?"


Lockdown only affects me because I can't see my family/friends. I have a disabiility and am house bound, have been for 10 plus years. No difference here. I can't cook, I can't renovate, I can't craft, I can read if vision is good, I can watch tv if vision good, I can meditate....that's my life. Loneliness has become extremely evident with me during lockdown given inability to see friends and family (interstate some). 

So life goes on...while people are complaining. . . . 

Life could always be worse. I'm grateful I live in Australia, grateful I have a roof over my head, frozen food delivered and carers. 

Yes well I feel extremely lucky. my 2 cats get me out of bed every morning for their brekkie, I make coffee go back to a nice warm bed and listen to my local ABC radio for about an hour. Have a roof over my head, my senior home unit is nicely appointed. have every thing I want and need only spend money on Food and Petrol, am financially secure, my only income is the Age pension which I find more than adequate. I read, have a nice garden, computer to occupy my mind, E-mail friends quite regular. Shop once a week supermarket 20 minute drive away. Reside regionally. Never lonely although live alone, an 83 year old male healthy, Not bothered by lock downs or restrictions. fully vaccinated. Happy that I am alive and enjoying my life.

I cook. Made soup and pasta sauce from scratch yesterday.

I also get a bit more creative, with art, writing and music.  And I spend time on the phone with friends and family I cant see.

I loved reading all the creative ways the previous articles listed how many people cope with lockdown and how they make the best of each day, whatever their situation.

As a single person in my mid-70s, my present days are little different to any others. I am fortunate to have a wonderful sibling who although far away, is in daily contact, great friends and acquaintances, an assortment of much-loved pets and plenty of space and fresh air. Luckily right now there is little cause to worry about Covid in this area far from the city. I await my second vaccination.

I love the company of the animals, read, do quizzes and  puzzles and regularly do voluntary computer work for a small community group. I listen to music, watch Foxtel, communicate by phone or online with family and friends, and generally enjoy each day as usual. Luckily, my health is reasonable. I feel for those hemmed in to poky city boxes with all the vagaries of city life and few of the benefits ...

I'm working on my fifth book - slowly. This one is on family genealogy, sales will be very limited!

Yes, BillW41,

I am also doing my family history, plus other computer work. I also build model sailing boats along with some art painting. I also do a lot of cooking for my wife and me. Both have second does of VAX so both are happy and not worried.

Although I miss my 2 knitting groups and 2 book club meetings and a weekly lunch at a club, and coffee meetings with friends, I am counting the positives of all the extra time I have now.

One cold rainy week I read my way through 4 fat novels, almost 2,000 pages, and I've discovered podcast book clubs and some new online knitting groups. I now have the time to spend learning complicated patterns and larger projects. I also belong to Knit For Charities and donate knitted items to various charities throughout the year.

I keep in touch with friends and family by phone, Zoom or email. 

I've had 2 doses of vaccine which was a great relief, took away a lot of fear.

I don't allow myself to think about all the things I miss or can't do, just live day to day and keep as safe as I can.

Good luck to all those others isolated at home.

I had a lovely surprise this morning. My Granddaughter, who lives in Townsville, sent me a parcel because she felt sorry for me being in lockdown. There were 4 DVD's, a novel, a colouring book "for mindfulness" with my favourite Moorish designs and a cross word puzzle book. I was so taken with her kindness and shed a couple of tears. She wants me to take a photo with them and send it up to her. She is my darling girl.


you are so lucky to have such a thoughtful grand daughter :)

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