How are you?

Just thought I'd ask how everyone is going today. As you may know, I live on the North Coast. We've had flooding rain - wish I could post a few pictures here. Then we've had drizzle, rain, drizzle and more rain. Then, of course, I had a leaking pipe. Did wonders for my back bedroom. At least I have really good neigbhours - they're a whole lot younger than me, and help me out when I really need help. I'm not doing too bad, all things considered. Ok so I've got a muddy backyard, a second bedroom that has the carpet pulled up. A dog that is going crazy because I can't take her out for a walk and a whole lot of good friends. I'm doing OK - how are you?


Besides which, I'm just consuming the last third of my chocolate block! Just had to add that, just in case you thought I was going crazy!

Sorry about the mud and drizzle, Bev. On the other hand, it sounds like heaven to us here in Melbourne.

The garden is now almost non existent, and the trees are are suffering badly.

We had a nice Easter Sunday, and so far I've not had any chocolate....but have made up for it by over eating on all the other goodies.LOL.

Doing okay in the ACT, but could certainly do with some of that rain. I didn't succumb to the chocolate fix, as I have just had my 70th birthday and indulged far too much then. I am in good health, keep pretty active both mentally and physically, so I'm pretty contented with life. No use complaining, 'cos everyone else has their problems, many a lot worse than mine.

Nice post by the way. Stay safe all of you.

G'day everyone,

It is pouring down here in Nth Mackay.

I am sending it all South to you in Vic,. and ACT.

Last time I did that, I received an email from Peter Seaford saying thanks the rain arrived.

The only light comes from Electricity at the moment. It has been dark all day and rained for days.

What a shame there are not dozens of water tanks, but we cant have everything.

Enjoyed the choc eggs too Bev,



Yes you sure have had your fill of rain there--we also have had good rains--but I don't flood here--as I am quite high-hope that you get sorted there very soon as I bet there is a lot of mould ect happening because of all the wet--both natural and from your pipes

Sorry you got so wet Bevg , and even sorrier it got inside and also sorry for anyone else affected , but the main thing is , you are on the right side of the grass, and when you are down, the only way to go is up ,bless ya

Thanks Charlee, we received some of the rain in the A.C.T.that you sent down, but I think some of it spilled on Sydney on the way. Neveer mind we received 60mm approx, as of this morning and itt was very welcome, reminded us just how it feels to be out in the rain - great. If there is any more please don't forget us. Not sure how the Vics fared, but hopefully they got some too.

This morning, the sun is shining - had almost forgotten what it looks like. Got the house wide open to air out all the musty smells, taken the dog for a walk, got the washing half done. I've even got some lovely jonquils blooming in the garden - early, but I appreciate them. Looks like a lovely day.

hi bevg,sorry to hear of your "wet" troubles and hope the chocolate made you feel a little better,we were forecast rain here in south australia but it must have got lost on the way,we have been in drought for ages and everything in the gardens is dead so we could really use some of the wet stuff so if there's any going we would love it,

i had a lovely easter with the family and as usual over indulged with the easter eggs,well i couldn't leave them in the fridge could i,!!!!

i hope everything dries out very soon for you,

If only I could pipe the excess water to everyone who really needed it - we have certainly had enough. Two lovely sunny days in a row. It's almost what I imagine heaven to be. The chockie was very good, but what an indulgence.

How is everyone on this wonderful sunny day? The rain clouds have stopped leaking and the glare is shining through the black clouds. GO SOUTH YOU BZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Seems to be working, hope Vic is wet.

It is lovely to hang all the wet towels outside , there were a few leaks but nothing major.

At least that lovely rainwater is good for my hair.

It is just so soft and fluffy.

HA! HA! As the blonde said to the Bishop.



We had a perfect day here as well today


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